10 Ideas to decorate your home walls

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Its not new for us to see and understand the shifting of decor towards eye-popping colors and walls decors. Walls are those canvas of home that decide the entire overlook of your home. No matter whether you own a stylish modern home or a traditionally designed building, the walls speak volumes about your personality, choice, and living standards. Most fashion forward homes have some of the best and trendiest designs on their walls. 

Furthermore, wallpapers too, are not the old paste-able piece of paper that slowly peels out of the are here and there. Wallpapers these days, come in a variety of patterns and colors. Today on homify, we look at some examples  of bold, statement walls from our Indian experts.

1. Numeric and Alphabets

While a plain wall looks sophisticated and beautiful in all kinds of room, a printed wall like this brings fresh vibes to the area. We loved how the designer has managed to bring matching decor elements and uplift the spirit of the room.

2. Textural Designs

Beautiful and light shades of colors like mild green are sure to add life to any guest room but if you get it texture painted then it will appear less traditional and striking. This wall is also giving a modern edge to the room without any wall accessories hung here. 

3. Multicolored Beauty

If your house plays with colors and funky shades then what's the point of installing a simple wall? While the rule says that if accessories are bright colored then you should go for simple colors on walls and floor but you can confidently break the monotony like this. A colorful palette on the wall gives a warm welcome to the eye and is noticeable in all aspects. 

4. Animal Prints

Animal prints, bird view, and natural elements are a great addition to any area of the house. We found this bedroom really beautiful, looking at the lights and glowing paints used. Matching lights to that of walls is just too uncommon to see. Anyone would love to sleep here, right? 

5. Contemporary Wallpapers

Here you can see an unexpected color combination on the wall. The navy blue shade on background with the bright green prints over it is so exciting to look at. While the print of the paper is more or less traditional, the jewel-toned colours bring a surprising, modern edge to the space.

6. Jewels and Gems

Go beyond marbles and use some jewels and gems to your walls- like the one shown above- to include precious jewels in your home. his impressive wall panel is made of blue agate and allows beautiful, coloured light to filter into your home. It is sure to add a dazzling sparkle to any room!

7. Dual Tones

Dual toned walls with dual textures are working wonderfully together. Behind the bed, we can see a different pattern on maroon wall and the adjacent wall in beige shade with rustic wooden shade gives neutral vibes. Since the size of the room is quite large, the rest of the room is kept simple in pink and stone hues. 

8. Memorial Wall 1

Make your wall an album of your memories with images from your childhood, your kids, your trips and tours and every other day. Simply paste them or frame them on to the wall and let others see your beautiful life from closer. By covering a surface of your home with family photographs and other meaningful objects, you can create a wall of memories that is a true conversation piece.

9. Memorial Wall 2

Give an ode to your parents or grandparents by getting their portraits directly on the wall and they are sure to steal the limelight from the entire house. No decors, no paints, no colors, nothing!

10. Stripes and Patterns

Look at this luxurious room! This tan and gold paper features large, wide horizontal stripes. Although the size of the stripes certainly makes for a striking and noticeable wall, the goal here is not for the wall to overshadow the rest of the interior, but to compliment and enhance it.

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So what are your plans for your walls?

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