Ideas to make your bedroom look as chic as a hotel (but without the cost!)

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Have you ever been to a hotel that you never wanted to leave? We all have been through this feelings. Most of the luxurious hotels provide with the best amenities and grandeur to stay at. They are full of interior designs, comfort, style, and full functionality within a budget pack. Rooms are an important part of hotels and so are they for the homes.

If you too wish to get a super cozy and functional room like that of a luxurious hotel then there is no need to spend a million bucks. Simply follow these below mentioned 5 tricks and see your room transferred from lame to lavish. Follow us to know more about this transition.

1. Look at Furniture

Hotels vary when it comes to furniture. They keep it minimum and include a bed, a closet, a bedside table and sometimes, they have a mini fridge, TV or a sofa. Now, it depends on your style what limits you will choose to incorporate furniture in that area. 

In all the cases, your bedroom needs to be a place of relaxation and calmness and must not be overcrowded with the furniture. Leave it easy and free from busy looks. Take it to the basic level- i.e. the bedside table, the bed and wardrobes are enough. This minimalist approach to furnishing a room can go a long way to creating a chic space in your house.

2. Fancy Wallpapers

Get fancier with your walls and use patterned wallpapers that are inexpensive and easier to add a touch of personality, elegance and class to the bedroom air. For instance, here the purple patterned wallpaper is an excellent choice, matching to the bed. But you are not bound to follow it. 

Use wallpaper on one of the four walls to create a feature look and choose the colors only after you have put in lot of thoughts. Harmony is the key. It's an incredibly classical idea with such a beautiful result!

3. Classic Fitting

Everyone loves Royalty. Getting bright and classical with your bedroom design gives an amazing pay-off to the beauty and you get to sleep like a royal at the end of the day. Though high-end hotels are full of such designs, it is apparent to note that it is their classical inspirational designs that make them worth paying. 

In this room, we would like to appreciate the ornate trimming around the room, the grand chandelier and the patterned curtains. You too, can recreate it in simple and cheap ways at home. 

4. Thoroughly Functional

The foundation of a hotel room lies in its functionality. As and when you walk into the room, you usually find a bedside table, a double bed, a TV and bright lights. It is always well lit, neutral tones and brings all the basics in one place. 

Add a long throw runner across the bottom half of the bed, use top quality pillows and cushions and make sure the bed faces the television for more comfort and convenience. That is pretty much all you need to do for a room like this—easy and cheap!

5. Headboards are Essential Feature

One of the distinctly important parts of high-end hotels are the headboards. They are huge and notable feature of any room that tend to add style and personality to the room through their colors and shapes. For instance, the headboard above adds slightly green shade to this neutral rustic room.

Whether you go for sweet and simple, big and chunky or intricate and beautiful, a headboard will bring a new energy to your bedroom—and make it as chic as a hotel room!

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