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Extensive palattes displaying a furore of colours are quite the eye catchers, but at the same time are vices in their own way when it comes to narrowing it down to colours for your home. Each room of your house depicts a central idea that can be elevated with the right choice of colours. We bring to you a match of the best colours and rooms. Paint the canvas of your rooms with our top picks.

The Entrance

Neutral hues are ideal for the entrance as they allow you to personalise your space without seeming overbearing. You want to create a welcoming entrance and neutral hues are the best way to do just that.

The Living Room

A broad, expansive room such as the living when centred around the white theme can work wonders on the ambience of the room. While decor, furniture and doors can also centre this theme, if you want to add a splash of colour, then you can do so with a bright hue such as mustard or yellow.

You can hire a designer to attain the look you desire.

The Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, try to refrain from excessively loud colours and play it safe with hues such as charcoal and french grey so as to bring out the best in your kitchen. This way matching furniture doesn’t become tedious as you are sticking with neutral colours.

The Bedroom

A brightly coloured room doesn’t exactly spell serenity so when it comes to your bedroom stick to earthy colours such as chestnut and mahogany.  The alluring serenity that these hues drive is something that no bedroom should have to give up on. Variants of these hues can be used to create a perfect blend.

The Bathroom

While blues work well in the bathroom so does whites and grey shades. Tranquillity is the essence that one tries to capture and these colours do just that. Synonymous with oceanic vibes, whites and aqua shades also work fairly well. Lighter colours also help to keep temperatures low, making them ideal for bathrooms.

Checkout some beautiful bathroom ideas here.

The Study

The Study is one place where you do not want loud, bold colours distracting you which is why you should opt for rich deep colours such as olive or ebony. These colours are known to increase one’s focus and concentration. The last thing your study requires is a pop of colour.

The Children’s Room

Essentially the life of the house is this one, so you can opt for yellow tones such as mustard and butterscotch. They have a certain degree of playfulness in them are brought to the surface when you paint your kids’ room with them.

The Dining

Colours such as crimson, and cherry work exceptionally well for the dining room. These colours have the ability to increase one’s appetite, which is why they have been chosen for the dining. This is one room where you do not have to hold back on colour.

Mix and match, let your house be a testament to the palatte of colours in your head.

Here is a look at the best colour for every room.Try them and share your comments.

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