15 Ideas to use paint in small bathrooms

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Most modern bathrooms have tiles covering the walls and floors to provide the homeowner a maintenance-free area that is safe from moisture absorption. However, using paint can provide a welcome contrast that adds an elegant element to the bathroom.

In this ideabook, we present 15 bathroom designs that combine paint and tiles with stylish results.

​1. Paints make it easier to decorate the bathroom walls

Fixing nails on tiled walls could damage the surface and cause cracks. With painted walls, this is not a problem, so you can hang paintings to brighten up the room.

2. Mixing paint with tiles and stones adds texture and sophistication

Instead of having a completely tiled bathroom, the combination of painted walls with tiles and stones makes the area more interesting.

3. Paint the walls and protect splash zones with ceramic or marble

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To keep the bathroom looking airy, you can tile half way up the wall to protect surfaces that are prone to water splashes.

4. The shower area needs floor to ceiling tiles

Protect the shower area with complete tiling to keep the area dry and prevent the wall from absorbing moisture. Paint works well for the rest of the walls.

5. Water resistant paints make cleaning easy and keeps the bathroom looking airy

Choose paints that are water resistant and can be washed or wiped down easily to keep the bathroom spotless.

6. Water leakage can occur even with ceramic tiles

Walls can get damp even with ceramic tiles, so there’s no harm in using paint at least for the upper half of the walls.

7. Paint is well suited to areas that don’t need full protection

Use paint in areas that are unlikely to suffer from water splashes.

8. Waterproof paints add brightness besides preventing moisture absorption

Painting the walls in a bold colour helps to brighten up the bathroom and make it more cheerful.

9. Wall paper is an alternative to paints to add elegance to a bathroom

For adding a designer touch to the bathroom, you can also use wall paper instead of paint.

10. Paints make redecorating easier as you can change the colours often

For those who get easily bored of the same look, painting the walls is a good option as it can be repainted easily to give the bathroom a new look.

11. Plain white painted walls work well with patterned tiles

Stark white wall panels provide a nice contrast to printed tiles, introducing a relaxed vibe to the area.

12. Paints help to create contrast in the bathroom

When a gradient wall or mosaic pattern needs to be highlighted, using white paint in the rest of the bathroom puts the focus on the coloured tiles.

13. The classic look of black and white

Plain white walls are perfect as the background for black fittings. It creates a stunning contrast.

14. Use shades that complement the mosaic tiles to add an elegant look

When multi-coloured mosaic tiles are used in a bathroom, paint the walls in a shade that complements the tiles.

15. Painted walls are better suited for decorating with patterns or murals

The sophistication of a bathroom can be enhanced by adding patterns or a wall mural that breaks the monotony of a single colour on the wall.

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