30 Pictures of beautiful apartments to inspire you!

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Today we will take a look at 10 apartments that optimally blend simple elegance and functionality for an extraordinary living experience. Check out the trendiest furniture and styles and brilliant space-saving techniques as we explore these amazing residences that are sure to inspire Indians to make some dramatic changes in their own homes!

​1. Pristine

What a spacious and bright environment with cool white walls, wooden parquet, and splashes of greenery! The architects at Marco D'Andrea did a truly praiseworthy job! 

2. ​Elegant

The living spaces are integrated seamlessly but are subtly demarcated by raised levels.

3. ​Stylish

The kitchen is trendy and functional. Its neat white cabinets are complemented warmly by the wooden floor.

​4. Vibrant

The ceiling beams are the highlight of this colourful living space.

​5. Creative

The kitchen is separated by means of an intriguing glass box structure.

6. ​Minimalist

What a fine example of an ultra-modern, minimalist kitchen!

​7. Small

White is the perfect colour to give a sense of space in a miniature apartment!

​8. Convenient

The location of the bed is ideal for maximum mobility in a tiny home. Also, The shelving unit which acts as the headboard offers ample privacy as well. 

​9. Practical

The wall dividing the living and sleeping areas holds shelves and the television.

10. ​Open-Plan

An open-plan design is perfect in a small home.

11. ​Kitchenette

The tiny kitchenette is sleek and trendy.

​12. Corners

The corner of the house is suitably utilised with the installation of a small bathroom.

​13. Neutrality

Grey tiles of vintage appearance and oak parquet showcase beauty in neutral tones.

​14. Sophisticated

The symmetrical shelves look classy in this comfortable space.

​15. Floor Plan

The entrance of the house is ideally located between the two arms of the L shape.

16. Integration

The living spaces are integrated yet demarcated by different floor tiles and a stunning glass wall.

​17. Library

This library will definitely inspire booklovers!

​18. Niche

We love the idea of a space-saving niche in the wall!

​19. Refreshing

The chaise lounges are a stately addition in this penthouse.

​20. Style

This residence looks lovely with its elegant colours and a spectacular light fixture at floor level.

​21. Sleek

Trendy sanitary wares team with a long mirror that enhances a spacious feel.

​22. Miniscule

This tiny 28 square metres apartment looks airy and comfortable!

23. Fitting

A wonderful idea for a bed in a small space!

​24. Light

The large window is the highlight of this space-saving delight.

​25. Rustic White

Roof beams and exposed bricks are painted white.

​26. Functional

The minimalist kitchenette is sleek and practical.

​27. Immaculate

The bathroom is a pristine and airy affair.

​28. Contemporary

A small but trendy apartment – we love the spotlight steps!

​29. Simplicity

The bedroom is a lesson in refined simplicity.

​30. Linear

The linear structure and stylish monochromatic décor is evident from above. 

Big or small, modern white or rustic wood—these 10 fascinating examples of contemporary, practical and stylish apartments provide a wealth of inspiration to make your home the perfect Indian dream! Here is another story that might interest you - 16 Blacksmith Doors for a Stunning Entrance.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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