5 Cheap Hammocks for a Lazy Sunday

Rhea Purnita Paine Rhea Purnita Paine
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Doesn't everyone sometimes want to run away from everything and go take a holiday? Lounge on a beach under the shade of a palm tree in a hammock and forget all about the cares of life. While taking an impromptu holiday to a beach or riverside may not always be possible, it is possible to bring in a bit of holiday charm to one's home. A comfy hammock can transform a corner of any room into a heavenly holiday delight. Be it a lazy sunday or a mid week break from work, a homely hammock provides the perfect place to unwind.

Hippy hammock

Those who love the colourful bohemian vibe of the beaches of Goa, will love this colourful hammock too. With a colourful hippy feel to it this comfy cotton hammock can turn a corner of any colourful room into a Goan beach shack. The basic hammock made of cloth with cream, red and green stripes, will contrast well against cream walls and ceiling and simple lightwood furniture. Add a few colourful cushions and a hip rug like the one on the giant coffee table here and the hippy shack appeal will be complete.

Brown sack hammock

For those who don't love too much colour, this muted brown and white hammock that looks like a regular sack is a good choice. It is a neutral yet relaxing addition to any room. It can blend in with any kind of subtle or light coloured furniture, but something like the unpainted brick wall here will make it stand out well. Designed by LIVINGHOME WNĘTRZA KATARZYNA SYBILSKA this brown sack hammock is perfect for a relaxing corner of a bachelor's loft.

Rustic white hammock

This white hammock made of a off-white soft cotton fabric, white ropes and a wooden rod has a rustic charm to it that sets it apart. Simple and minimal it will look striking against a dark or colourful interior. Thus the dark wooden flooring helps the white of rustic charm of this hammock to shine. While the floor to ceiling sliding glass window on one side allows in ample sunlight to make it a comfortable lounging spot.

Roped hammock

This hammock made entirely of white ropes is all that a patio or balcony needs to transport one to a holiday haven. This roped hammock is the perfect place to soak in some sun on a sunny day or watch a rainy drizzle when clouds come over. Placed in the edge of the covered area with garden chairs, it still gets enough sun and breeze from the rest of the patio or terrace. These eclectic white garden chairs will go well with a white roped hammock like this.

Hammock chair

Those who are bored of regular hammocks and want to try something different can experiment with this white hammock chair. The chair has a basic wooden frame, which hangs on a network of white ropes. Some white cushions make this hammock more comfortable than the rest. The wooden walls and flooring give this area the look of a riverside log cabin complete with a fireplace in one corner. This hammock chair is the perfect way to relive a blissful morning in a log cabin.

Here are some unusual armchairs to go with these homely hammocks.

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