10 Ideas for making best use of your small Indian kitchen

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Small and narrow kitchens can be a real deal breaker for anyone who didn’t anticipate one. The space constraint can really get to you. But before you let that get the better of you, consider this post. We bring to you some of the best ways to make the most of a narrow kitchen without having to compromise on space.

1. The wall of appliances

While there isn’t too much room made available to you latitudinally in a narrow kitchen, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of space longitudinally. Instead of a wall full of cabins you probably won’t even need, opt to incorporate your appliances in this manner. It definitely saves up a great deal of space and also the amount of running around you’d have to do in order to get from one appliance to the other. A space saver and a time saver!

2. The dual approach

Kitchens need a worktop, that’s a given. What they also need is a counter. What if you could kill two birds with a single stone? The two in one combo of a worktop and a counter, presented to you, homify style! This cosy kitchen resides in a corner of the room, and it doesn’t take up too much space either. All round win, win.

3. I see you

It’s a wall.. It’s a door.. No, wait, it’s a refrigerator?! Concealing your refrigerator in the depths of your cabin is the basic 101 of narrow kitchen space savers. The obvious outcome is more space for you to move around in and also the sense of compactness that comes from a hidden refrigerator. If for some reason you find yourself stuck with a fridge that adds no aesthetic sense to your cook-house, then you know where to put it now!

4. Drawn towards you

Kitchen at Senette Avenue homify KitchenCabinets & shelves

Kitchen at Senette Avenue


Drawers that run along the walls of your kitchen can provide you with a lot of space. While cabins might make the cookhouse appear a little stuffy, drawers do the exact opposite, making it look more spacious and compact. From utensils to pots, pans and condiments, just about anything can go into a drawer.

checkout 14 imaginative kitchen cabinets here.

5. Color coded

While narrow four walled kitchens are space constraining, what becomes of the single walled kitchen? To enhance this all essential kitchen wall, add in a dash of colour. Pick one that accentuates the look of your kitchen. You can contrast that colour by picking another colour so that dualism is at stake and you have more than just a wall of cabins and appliances.

6. Conceal the trash

Painted Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones Harvey Jones Kitchens Modern kitchen
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Painted Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

There is no room for trash, or that’s what we want people to think. While this isn’t some secret that we’re uncovering before you, it still is important nevertheless. Keep trash hidden in a shelf or cabin that you don’t use so as to make the most of floor space. Trash does nothing for the aesthetics of your kitchen, so keep it away.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

7. Hole in the wall?

Shelves can be a little too mainstream, sometimes taking up space when you don’t have any to spare. That’s when this ingenious wall of magic comes into play, working as a holder for your bottles and also adding to the beauty of your kitchen.

8. It’s all in the lighting

Playing with lights is a great way to conceal space constraints and at the same time add a unique angle for viewing your kitchen. False lighting also does quite a great deal to the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Keep in mind however to play it simple because you’re going for a look of elegance as opposed to an overly lighted kitchen.

9. Color combos

If you can’t woe folk with the size of your kitchen, then there’s no saying you can’t do the same with its colours. Choose bolder colours to bring out the best in your kitchen. Loud colours generally pack the right impact and the right combination can work wonders for your kitchen. Black and yellow is a sure fire winner combination, so if you find yourself looking for the right pair, this is it.

10. Let’s hang out

Messy could just be the next best thing. Instead of scurrying around looking for space to keep your cutlery, pots and pans, you could just let them hang out like this kitchen. Who needs cabins when you can spare yourself of the impediment of searching for a pot or pan? When it’s right before your very eyes and all it requires is for you to take it off the hook! Still unhappy with the size of your kitchen?

For every bane, a boon. Don’t let the size of your kitchen get the better of you, when you can for a fact get the better of it!

Take a look at the 10 must see ideas for a narrow kitchens. Try them and share your comments

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