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Bedroom is the most private zone of the house which soothes and rejuvenates body and soul filling them with vitality to greet each day with vigor and enthusiasm. A comfortable bed is the most essential piece of furniture in the bedroom which cannot be fulfilled by just a mattress and pillow. Just as a comfortable bed does not ensure restful sleep an exotic bedroom crowded with expensive furniture also cannot guarantee sleep.

In this list of five transformed bedrooms recreated by Homify’s interior decorators we show you how the ideal combination of color, layout and bedroom  accessories work in harmony to make the region ideal for peaceful slumber. The ideabook also has pictures of the bedrooms before they were transformed to give you an idea about importance of light and air that turn a dull and grim room into a region of comfort. These amazing transformations of bedrooms from old-fashioned to modern and from creepy to warm and welcoming is absolutely stunning and are a must see for every house-owner.

1. Before—The dull bunk-bed

This rustic style bedroom may have been comfortable and cozy when it was created but now it is far past its prime. The dull brown curtains and floor lamp look out of place against the glowing white walls and wide windows which are the only uplifting part about this bedroom. The drop down lamp from grand-parents era looks ready to fall any day with only a fragile wire holding it to the roof.

1. After—A pearly white heaven

We love how the change in bed furnishings and other new accessories has turned the region into a place of delight and fun. While the newly replaced white curtains bring in natural light they also fit perfectly into the pearly white decor of the new bedroom. Soothing colors and cushioned headboard followed by a collage of monochrome prints above the bed make the region a modern one as it is now supported by wooden chest of drawers besides the bed and a trendy table lamp.

2. Before—Cramped loft bedroom

Even for a  student or a travelling salesman that only require a bed to retire for the night this kind of sleeping quarters would not be particularly inviting. Stark white surroundings and a lumpy mattress without any bedding or nightstand or table is a picture of dreary lifestyle. The plus points of this region like the rustic sloping roof and wide window offer potential for a pleasant bedroom design which will be used during the recreation.

2. After—Delightful Country style chic

Now this is called a “real bedroom” with personal touches and cheerful blue window that is the main eye-catching feature. Bed is the central focus area with floating shelves holding trendy brass night lamps and leaving space for other personal essentials. The modern design is enhanced with charming country style window and embroidered cushion that add to its beauty.  The room now shows that it is a region for couple and not a single bachelor that hardly bothered about surroundings.

3. Before—Bedroom with washing machine?

마이크로하우스 리모델링 OUA 오유에이
OUA 오유에이

마이크로하우스 리모델링

OUA 오유에이

The chessboard style wall design here is more suited to a bathroom and the dark clapboard floor in combination with dark mattress makes the region feel dull and gloomy. Are you confused like us if this is a laundry room or a bedroom? Though the area is relatively spacious and is also blessed with a large window it lacks imagination and personality. Don’t you think something has to be done very urgently!

3. After—Multi-functional and colorful

마이크로하우스 리모델링 OUA 오유에이 Modern kitchen
OUA 오유에이

마이크로하우스 리모델링

OUA 오유에이

This recreation par excellence confirms the fact that even in the smallest space there is room for spectacular change. We now know that the bedroom was a combination of sleeping area and study and a slim wooden base has been erected with open shelves at the bottom to create a wide table combining two white cabinets after removing the sink. The low bed has been replaced with a modern box bed with a pull out drawer and the work desk has also got a pull out shelf with a detachable leg. Houseplants on a the desk and against the wall proves that the new owner loves plants!

4. Before—A bedroom without a wardrobe

This is what you call a cramped bedroom with no storage area to even keep essentials like clothes and bathroom accessories. The beautifully carved antique bed seems to be lost in the midst of the chaos with floor fan and other bedroom essentials just scattered across the room.

4. After—As extravagant as a hotel room!

Virginia Water Apartment - Surrey Bhavin Taylor Design Modern style bedroom
Bhavin Taylor Design

Virginia Water Apartment—Surrey

Bhavin Taylor Design

Renovation has infused life and energy into the room and has cleared all the chaos with one clean sweep. Though the carved bed has been retained, interesting additions of furniture and accessories have brought about extravagant changes in the now stylish bedroom. To showcase the antique filigree work of the bed’s headboard the bare wall behind it has been fitted with colorful wallpaper and charming transparent bedside tables that fill the room with modern colors. Doesn’t this remind you of an expensive five-star hotel room with a stylish wardrobe to carefully store all the clothes and other essentials?

5. Before—Doom and Gloom

Even with the wide variety of storage cases available in this bedroom there is ample space to walk around. But something tells us that space in this room could be effectively used with a little more planning. The first signs of chaos are visible when clothes and accessories are thrown around the bedroom on every available piece of furniture on a regular basis and objects not used by the bedroom owners are lying about in the room.

5. After—Harmonious, bright and sharp.

Gloucester Road Penthouse Bhavin Taylor Design Modern style bedroom
Bhavin Taylor Design

Gloucester Road Penthouse

Bhavin Taylor Design

Sometimes drastic changes are the needed to meet requirement of changing lifestyle and taste. While the earlier bedroom was suited to elderly grandparents it is not ideal for a young couple with different needs. The entire wall with the window was brought down to install French windows to fill the region with daylight and a slim railing was set up for safety. Every other piece of furniture was removed from the room and replaced with a light teak bed and matching nightstands. Each small nightstand is blessed small pull out drawer and a pretty indigo blue table light that brings color to the white walls.

We are sure that you loved these transformations as much as we did so here are some more Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Indian Home

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