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In the bustling metropolis of the Singaporean city-state one large problem is constantly on the minds of homeowners and developers: the limited availability of space. Located on an island just south of the Malaysian Peninsula, the country is unable to expand outwards to accommodate a growing population, meaning that inventive design is often required to ensure homes are luxurious, modern and relatively compact.

This stunning dwelling, designed by Hyla Architects, sets a new benchmark in sophisticated, contemporary living. The designers have taken a seemingly small block of land and built a multi-level house with an elevated and expansive atmosphere, perched atop the cool, rippling surface of an indoor swimming pool. 

So many elements within this home are designed to impress and inspire, from the space-age feel of a glass walkway floating atop the pool's surface, to the chic silver of the steel staircase, which spirals upward, connecting the various levels of the house. The living, dining and kitchen areas are streamlined and contemporary, with clean lines and sleek surfaces adding to the sense of visual expanse within the dwelling. Hints of nature have also been beautifully incorporated, with private tropical gardens featured adjacent to the master bedroom and in the warm serenity of a unique bathroom, which blends elements of both indoor and outdoor living.

Take a tour of this breathtaking design, which proves that modern luxury is always possible, even despite limitations of space.

Sculptural façade

Right from the outset, this home exudes character and unique appeal.

The facade is contemporary and sculptural, with strong lines and an elevated, open exterior facing out onto the street. The home provides an enviable aesthetic contrast amidst its more traditional architectural surrounds.The warm light emanating from within this beautiful building appears relaxed and inviting, while the gorgeous foliage of tropical trees extends above the fence in vibrant greens, pinks and browns. 

Bridge over water

Upon entry the home is truly breathtaking, with the cool blue of the indoor pool filling the ground floor with contemporary elegance. The warm simplicity of a decking space lies in wait to accommodate poolside relaxation, while a steel and glass walkway streams across the calm surface, inviting a casual stroll upon the water to the spiral staircase beyond.

The lofty ceiling of the space has been left partially open, meaning that fresh air and sunlight can still filter down into the poolside atmosphere, despite its enclosure.

Streamlined expanse

Adjacent to the magnificent pool stands the living areas, which have been created across two floors of the home. The ground floor has been decorated in chic black and white, with the sheen of a marble-finished floor adding a subtle sense of texture to the space, and black furnishings standing in stark contrast to the white of the walls and ceiling.

The upper living area appears more casual, with the warmer tones of alabaster and grey used in the decor and furnishings. An elegant, black piano awaits nimble, musical fingers to put on an impromptu performance.

Upper levels

This view of the upper living area lends insight into he centrality of the spiral staircase within the home. This feature not only provides a functional purpose, allowing occupants to transition throughout the building, but also adds an element of contemporary artistry, with its cool curves generating a sense of infinity. 

The upper living area has been sectioned by a glass balustrade, adding to the open atmosphere within the home and allowing acoustic interaction with those playing in the pool below.

Classic white kitchen

The kitchen of the home glows in classic white, with its streamlined, contemporary design also featuring simple stainless steel and silver appliances. The reflective sheen of the dining table adds another space-age element, and is balanced beautifully by the deep tones of the wooden bar stools stoically guarding the kitchen island. 

Natural light and bursts of green foliage stream into the space through the windows and sliding, glass doors, with a small courtyard to be enjoyed just beyond. 

Master bedroom

The master bedroom sits peacefully in pristine white, with the vibrant green of the courtyard and the traditional warmth of the wooden flooring adding all the colour necessary for this space to attain its own character.

Simple, white furnishings and storage delineate an open office area, with the beautiful view of the sun-drenched courtyard generating a serene and relaxing work environment. The bed appears simple yet comfortable, with the peaceful expanse of the room providing a great place to unwind.

External bathroom

The home's bathroom presents another novel design. Its open, courtyard style allows a steady influx of natural light to flow into the space, illuminating the large tub alongside its warm, wooden decking and private garden. Adjacent to the tub is an open shower unit and toilet, providing for the bathroom necessities. 

The stone of the shower unit presents a brilliant textural and material contrast, as it stands proud within the bathroom. The beautiful lines of the ceiling tie wonderfully with the streamlined design of the rest of the home, providing privacy within this luxurious and inventive bathing area.

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