6 Colours for the different sections of the house for peace

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How often have you wondered about the change in the environment of your house if the wall colors are changed? Most often people are so worried about the drastic changes they may have to make in furniture and décor if there is a change in wall color that they defer it for several years. Many times we avoid using bold colors or heavy shades on walls for fear that it may turn out to be overly dramatic or make the region dark.  

In this ideabook we shall try to address these doubts of our readers by taking a tour of different environments that incorporate color and with it provide a stamp of identity to all the decoration and space. As we know, colors can transform our emotions and fill us with life and energy which is why it is only a question of letting oneself be guided by intuition.

Here are 6 Colors that people in general are loathe to apply in their house but you would be surprised by the combinations these have been used with to decorate walls and enhance décor.

1. Magic of burnished orange

While selecting bold colors try to remove prejudice from your mind about dark colors which will allow you to choose best color for a particular room. Here the glow of orange and pale brown make the room look cozy adding warmth and joy to the whole environment. The light green wispy curtains have a revitalizing effect bringing to mind beautiful summers of sun, beach and warmth. The textures and colors we incorporated into the room may be dark but they balance out with bed furnishings and bring in the festive spirit.

2. Glowing shade of red

The different shades of red signify energy and strength and bring vivacity to every region where they are applied. Here the decorators have inter-laid red wall with the earthiness of dark timber to generate a focal point of attraction. By keeping furniture close to the red wall and using an eye-catching chandelier in the region the character of the modern kitchen is enhanced.

3. Living room with a chocolate wall

Who knew that a dark tone like chocolate could create such a startling effect and also enhance the dark green sofas which look smart in combination with white walls in other sections of the living room. To depict the chocolate toned wall as a decorative surface it was decided to incorporate mirrors and paintings of different sizes and shapes which will enhance the style element of this eclectic living room by several notches.

4. Walk into the sky

Wall beside the staircase connecting different sections of the house is another place where experiment with dark color tones can be made as the wall is broken by steps  and banister obscuring a significant part of it. The shiny white steps and banister against the intense blue wall make one feel as if they are walking on clouds amidst blue sky. The color in the architecture fulfills a function so it is combined with matching tones that blend together.

5. Vibrant foyer

Here we present an unusual combination of wall colors and lights which are part of a beautiful foyer that is separated from the living room by a shiny film of fiber and decorated with false ceiling and recessed lighting. The green outline with birds within forms a perfect backdrop for television against off white background in a unique and incredible way. Combination of decorative lamps and ceiling fan with dome light hanging from it generates ethnic atmosphere in the vibrant living room.

6. Aubergine statement wall

In an neutral bedroom like this with high ceiling and soothing white walls, all you need is a lovely backdrop and maybe a little wall decor to create a perfect setting for blissful sleep. The plain wooden floor and bed form a natural contrast with the deep aubergine backdrop with curvaceous designs just above the headrest. The deep shade along the entire wall makes a vibrant statement in the room made up of light textures and neutral tones.  

Now that the walls are bright and shiny let us show you some Wall Art to Spruce up your home.

Which color combination did you like the most. Do let us know in your comments below.

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