14 Window grills to give stylish edge to your windows

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Windows and doors are connectors between the insides of a home and the outside world and while doors are opened only during certain times of the day due to safety issues, windows are open throughout the day. Windows bring fresh air and natural light into the house and give outsiders a peek into the environment within while allowing members inside to view street life or neighbors.Though windows are essential for every home they can also affect the safety and security of the house owners as they can allow thieves to enter and cause harm besides stealing valuable objects.

To protect their homes from burglars, people around the world have bars built into the window frame or outside made of iron and other metals. But not everyone is comfortable with bars on their windows frames and would rather prefer something more protective like grills around window frames specially for ground floor homes. Here are 14 innovative designs to help you dress up windows in an elegant manner.

1. Elegant iron grills

This elegant iron grill also enhances the facade of the house but have to be placed with proper planning and calculation. According to window designers these grille have to be placed around 10 centimeters away from sliding windows and in case of hinged opening system there should be sufficient space for window panes to open along with extra space for 5 centimeters.

2. Crisscross design

Window grills can also become a part of house's interior decoration when they have stylish patterns like this which makes them look charming both inside and outside.

3. Beauty of geometric patterns

When there is a large space to be covered that gives a small percentage of privacy while letting in fresh air and natural air you can choose geometric designs like these. This design has used strips of steel in between grill design that throw shadows of geometric shapes across the house depending on the direction of light.

4. Metal blinds for double protection

Windows of modern houses that are located several feet above the ground may not require protection of iron grills as it is difficult for burglars to reach that high from outside without being detected. But they too need protection from the elements and this kind of metal blinds can keep out harsh sunlight and also provide privacy.

5. Permanent metal grill for elegance

Want to make a fashion statement with your windows? Why not try out this metal grill frame that has been fitted to the corner walls of the building like a statement making industrial style window protector?

6. Intersections for a modern facade

To make horizontal line designs fashionable and part of interior architecture combine them with opaque surfaces like beams and columns that seamlessly integrate and divide different levels of the house in this design. Combining the line designs with opaque columns can also provide pleasing twist to the structure.

7. Simplicity of concrete panels

The materials of windows can also vary, according to the style of your home. These concrete bars placed closed to each other are perfect for a large window as the space between them is too narrow for an adult to come through.

8. Beauty of forged iron

When you want to give an out of the world touch to your window then this kind of forged iron window frame will feet your need for aesthetics. The design can let in air and light into the house while maintaining privacy from curious people on the street.

9. Elegance in simplicity

Windows can be protected either by combing a window with simple grill design within the frame or by having a plain window with single pane and placing a grating with ostentatious designs like the ones here. Combining both would spoil the charm and make the windows look disastrous.

10. Rectangular metal design

An interesting design style derived from the simple iron bars of olden days is the new rectangular design that has square metal bars in the center with bars in four corners connecting it to window frame. This frame style is perfect for minimalist, and industrial style houses though by combining it with wood frames and walls it can become an integral part of rustic homes too.

11. Strong grill for better protection

Squared designs are another of the most common styles in protecting your windows, and the advantage of these is that they can accommodate any size, style and color of windows and can be painted over to suit the frame color.

12. Personalized grill

The designing skill of experienced blacksmith can allow you to customize the iron frames and grills of your windows  and gates and give them an edge of exclusivity above others. In this unique grill design we see how lines on the established frame have been forged with the  family initials by the blacksmith.

13. Trendy square metal panels

What if the window grill can provide privacy and protection from thieves and also act as a sunlight deflector? These trendy exterior metal panels fitted into the window frame help to reduce the intensity of tropical sunlight and can be an excellent choice when there is furniture near the windows.

14. Metal canopy

When windows are at a high level then grills are not required for protection and instead have to be protected from elements like strong sunlight, winds and debris that collect around the frame which can be done by having a canopy.

Now that you have a fantastic collection of grill designs to decorate your windows here are Amazing Door Ideas for your home.

More window grill design ideas

This simple yet classy steel window design steals the show because it ensures ample visibility without compromising security. Sleek and painted in black, the grill takes up almost the entire length and height of the wall to ensure sweeping views of the garden. This minimalist design also allows the fashionable elements and the staircase in the living room to shine. And, the grill complements the soft and neutral colour palette as well.

We love this iron window grill design because of its regal look and smooth detailing. Neat and slim rods take on a curvy bend as they go up from the base of the window. The two rods at either end are ornate and complement the imperial carvings above the window. This iron window design is robust yet elegant. Consult a reliable architect to incorporate this in your home. 

Which grill design did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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