5 ways to use floral prints at home

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A fresh bouquet always changes the mood in a room. No matter how drab the room, a bunch of colourful flowers always livens it up. Same goes for floral prints which are all the rage these days. From runways to homes, clothes to curtains, floral prints are blooming everywhere. It may be spring, summer or fall but a sprinkle of flowers can never go wrong in any home. A bouquet of flowers may need to be changed every few days but not floral prints. So here are 5 easy breezy ways to use floral prints at home.

Minty blue floral bathroom

The minty blue colour of the tiles of this bathroom had already given it a remarkable appearance, add to it a generous splash of big 3D floral prints and this bathroom is sure to grab a lot of eyeballs. The 3D floral prints look as if water splashes have made them a little blurry which makes them even more ideal to be used in a bathroom. Limited use of the floral prints prevents the bathroom from becoming overpoweringly floral.

Pastel Pink floral sofa

This pastel floral sofa designed by NAME DESIGN STUDIO is both lively and elegant. With a wooden frame fashioned in the Victorian style, and six curved cabriole legs at the bottom, this sofa brings in a bit of classic beauty to any living room. The sofa cover is made of soft cotton with a pastel pink base, evenly sprinkled with red and grey Chinese floral motifs. A cushy floral sofa like this will bring in a pretty floral touch to any living room.

White floral chair

For those a pink floral sofa is a bit too feminine, this white floral chair will strike the right chord. This basic white floral chair has a sturdy steel frame and legs and is perfect for a study, living room or even the corner of a bedroom. The white cloth covering the chair is splattered with pinkish-purple flowers and green foliage giving it a tropical floral feel.

Subtle floral curtains and cushion covers

These subtle floral curtains and cushion covers are for those who want to bring in a dash of flowers in their home in an understated way. The light red, cream and occasionally blue floral prints on a neat white base make these curtains and cushion covers ideal for a white, airy dining room. Big white French windows will enhance the beauty of these ceiling to floor floral curtains, but even regular white windows will go a long way to bring out the beauty of these leafy floral prints.

Blue blossom wallpaper and bedspread

Both the pastel blue shade of the floral wallpaper and bedspread and the intricate blossom patterns of the flowers make the use of florals in this room striking. Floral prints stand out particularly well in light coloured rooms and the white and cream theme of this room helps to do the same. The bed sheet and quilt have a different kind of floral print on them than the wallpaper, but the same purplish-blue shade of the two help them blend together in perfect harmony. Here's another interesting floral bedspread.

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