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16 Ideas for making your small terrace look spectacular

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Terraces are an extension of a home. Instead of neglecting the space, how about sprucing it up to make it look magazine-worthy like the rest of your home? In this ideabook, we’ve put together 16 different professionally designed terraces from which you can copy one that is perfect for your home.

​1. Outdoor breakfast area

Create a cosy area on the terrace outside the dining area or kitchen with a green wall for privacy, wooden flooring planks and weatherproof rattan furniture. You can step out for a cup of tea in the morning or have breakfast outdoors.

2. Privacy wall that adds a natural vibe

Use stone cladding on a privacy wall to introduce a lovely natural element that matches with the greenery on the terrace.

3. Rustic look with stone flooring and a bamboo roof

Use stone flooring with bright coloured chairs and a bamboo roof that filters the sunlight to paint a pretty picture!

4. Stylish pergola

Nothing beats the elegance of a pergola on the roof and the play of light and shadow that it brings with it.

5. Add a flower border

Make a lovely flower border along the edge of the terrace to introduce a charming burst of colour that makes the area stunning.

6. Elegant white and black

Play with the spectacular contrast that black-and-white décor offers by using it on the floor, furniture and accessories to make the terrace eye-catching.

7. Sculpted roof and enchanting lighting

Create a unique sculpted roof that has a Mediterranean feel. Decorate with tile art and gorgeous lighting to create an area that is magical at night.

8. Stunning feature wall with traditional art

In a traditional home, carry through the décor theme to the outdoors by painting the terrace wall with a lovely piece of folk art.

9. Cosy sit-out with greenery and artistic lighting

On a small apartment terrace, create a cosy seating area with a small lawn, stepping stones, greenery and diffused lighting to enjoy the outdoors.

10. How about a pool on the terrace?

Of course, nothing is more relaxing than a water feature. A small swimming pool, waterfall or fountain on the terrace can elevate its look.

11. Relaxing wooden deck with lounge chairs

For a tiny terrace, adding wooden deck flooring, a couple of relaxing lounge chairs and some potted plants are all it takes to create a stylish area.

12. Sophisticated planter boxes

In a modern apartment, use contemporary wall-mounted planters to match the minimalist elegance in the rest of the home.

13. Living room under the sun

Make a second living room on the terrace that can be used to enjoy the sunshine when the weather is good.

14. A lush green wall

If there’s no space for anything else, decorate the wall with small planters to add a lovely natural feature to the terrace.

15. Mediterranean blue and white

A classic combination for terraces, use blue and white furniture and accessories to create a relaxing area that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

16. A pretty hammock

In addition to making the area look pretty, hanging a lovely white hammock on a small terrace is perfect for relaxing on Sundays.

For more ideas for decorating small terraces, see 10 enchanting rooftop terrace ideas.

Which is your favourite terrace design? Respond in the comments.

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