20 Ideas to make your Indian Living Room grand

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The professionals showcased at Homify with years of experience in interior and exterior design can help you to give flair and style to your home and make it subject of admiration among friends and family. The wide variety of combinations available in different color and design combinations can be fitted to suit personal taste and space.

Here are 20 ideas from different projects created by Homify’s creative designers, decorators and architects which can provide inspiration to redesign different sections of your house. Take your time and study each idea carefully and let us know which one you would like to replicate at your house so our experts can help to fulfill your dreams!

1. Lay emphasis on the floor

The floor is a very important factor when redecorating your house and it can be of wood, tile, carpet or a combination of various materials. Whatever be the design or layout of the floor it should  compliment the background comprising of walls and roof.

2. Natural and artificial lighting

Balance both natural and artificial lighting in your house so that they complement each other and maintain required amount of brightness.

3. Mixing Styles

A classy image of your room can be created with combination of objects of different styles. Like here our designers have combined cushions of flowing patterns with plain sofas and stylish wooden box style table for a bright and beautiful living room.

4. Enhance confined spaces

Do not let the size of your living room dictate your decorative skills and creativity as by painting everything in single white or neutral palette you can expand visual space of your home and heart.

5. Optimum utilization of space

The distribution of space in a room should be such that there is sufficient area in the region to walk around without hitting elbows or knees against furniture or tripping over them.

6. Include art for finesse

Using art in decorating the living room showcases your good taste and style and wealth when it is a rare piece of art by a master.

7. Try to include wood

Wood is an element that brings warmth in any room irrespective of the size of its presence. Here we have a trendy wooden staircase that glides down in style beside a brick wall into the living room adding a rustic touch.

8. Sophistication does not hurt

When your room has all the basics and all that is required is an elegant touch then details like stylish pair of floor lamps, trendy television stand or eye-catching 3D wall art can help to make a sophisticated living room.

9. Cozy cushions

The cushions in a deep sofa like this  gives a cozy appearance and your room will look smart enough to be part of a magazine cover.

10. The soothing beauty of neutral tones

Neutral colors in the furnishings and background give a fresh look to a room.

11. Harmonious blend of colors and textures

All the walls of your rooms need not necessarily be of the same color as slightly different textures and tones will give a trendy appearance to the house. The stone wall here that extends to the next floor seamlessly integrates both floors while the rough stones give character to the soft textured living room.

12. Family living room

Make the family living room an ideal place for reunion with deep comfortable sofas, fluffy cushions and cozy armchairs where the whole family can sit and chat at the end of the day.

13. Pay attention to tiny details

Decorative details can add style and glamour to any room and they just need to be significantly important and appropriate to enhance the aesthetics and warmth of your living room.

14. Using furniture that compliments lighting

When the living room is small and and can take in large amount of natural light then keep it covered in neutral shades like the one chosen in the decoration add minimalist details on walls or textiles.

15. Do not forget the plants

Both natural and artificial plants bring life and color into a living room while the former also manages to filter out harmful toxins from the house’s atmosphere.

16. Classic furniture for character

Wood has been an integral part of house construction and even though concrete and bricks now play a major role, wood has not lost importance as it enhances comfort and aesthetics. The classic design wood furniture in combination with regular sofas add character and style to this classic style living room with sparkling white walls and charming chandelier.

17. Be unafraid of dark colors

Be bold and adventurous to use passionate vibrant colors and show your spirit for daring and adventure.

18. Vibrant colors

When you want to bring vibrant colors into a modern living room always remember to combine them with light or complimenting colors to create a balance. Dark and vibrant tones are best suited for neutral backgrounds like white here that enhances the bright tones instead of subduing them.

19. Region with personality

Always bring in carpets with patterns and textures that bring personality to your room and complement the furniture.

20. Multifunctional region

In this stylish modern living room the fireplace within the stone wall has been cleverly designed to keep both the regions warm and cozy. Here you have both privacy and utility in one structure that is what we call sensible design.

Now that you have useful tips in hand to decorate the interiors of the house, here are Easy ideas to turn your small courtyard into a cozy area.

Which of these ideas did you like the most? Do let us know in your comments below.

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