14 fantastic entrance gate ideas for your home

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The design of the entrance gate makes an important contribution to the overall look of your home as it’s the first thing that everyone sees, when they are either walking by on the street or visiting you. It should be designed so that it goes beyond the functionality of providing security to showcase the external view of the home. A variety of materials and ideas are available for making an entrance gate stand out, and it’s vital that the ideal combination or design is used to elevate the look of a home.

In this ideabook, the Homify team has put together 14 different designs for you to get inspired.

​1. A royal look

With iron, tempered glass and gold set on elegant grey stone pillars, this gate could well belong in a palace!

2. Black metal with stone and wood

With a geometric border that makes it unusual, this gate is sandwiched between a stone wall and a wooden pillar. Its design is similar to a door.

​3. Wide gate that presents a panoramic view

When there’s a gorgeous natural landscape in the background of the home, a wide gate that shows off the view is ideal.

4. Black and gold on tempered glass

The stunning combination of materials and textures come together in an exquisite tree design that unites the pedestrian and vehicular entrances.

5. Classic design in white on beige pillars

This elegant design looks at home at the entrance of a manor house with ample yard space. It has a separate pedestrian entrance.

6. Privacy with black metal and opaque glass

This design makes the entrance look elegant without compromising on privacy as the opaque glass hides away the home from direct views.

7. Metal art that blends with the garden

Stylish black metal gates are designed with a tree motif that matches with the greenery inside the gate.

8. Stunning pedestrian gate in black and gold

An eye-catching design ensures that the small pedestrian gate is easy to locate.

9. Gorgeous wrought iron work on the gate and the main façade

The old-world charm of a black wrought iron gate is enhanced by matching grills used on top of the boundary walls.

10. Perfect symmetry

Two symmetric gates in a classic grate style with artistic patterns frame the view of the water outside this home.

11. Artistic entrance carved from wood

For a natural look that blends with the hedge boundary surrounding the home, a wooden gate in a tree-inspired design is a good option.

12. Fairy tale design

This design is reminiscent of a fairy tale cottage with a swan-inspired gate perfectly framing the driveway and the house.

​13. Distinctly impressive with wood and metal in a modern geometric design

With a combination of black metal and wood, and a design that has an arch on the top, this gate is sophisticated.

​14. Charmingly simple, yet elegant

Wall Lanterns are an ideal solution for lighting up an entrance way Shine Lighting Ltd Classic style garden
Shine Lighting Ltd

Wall Lanterns are an ideal solution for lighting up an entrance way

Shine Lighting Ltd

An archway at the entrance that is secured by a black metal gate presents an elegant look to the home’s exterior.

For more interesting ideas for entrances for your home, see 15 fantastic main doors.

Some more entrance gate designs

RENOVATION OF KAILAS, de square de square Modern houses
de square


de square

An entry gate needn’t necessarily be ornate to stand out. In some cases, a simple design that blends with the design style and the exterior façade can work just as well. That’s just the case with this wooden gate. The horizontal slats provide the needed privacy by blocking views of the entryway and the carport. However, the distinctly modern style of the gate perfectly blends with the contemporary home design and the materials used for it.

Half and half design

Independent Bungalow - Mr. Modi, DECOR DREAMS DECOR DREAMS Scandinavian style houses

Independent Bungalow—Mr. Modi


Here, the professionals have opted for a gate that comprises two sections. The solid structure in the middle blocks the views, whereas the horizontal slats at the sides offer a peek into the driveway. Notice how the main gate pillar design incorporates a nameplate as well as a decorative feature to lend a unique look to the façade.

Which is your favourite design among these? Let us know in the comments.

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