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Even those who aren’t really coffee people are always coffee table people. A coffee table is a simple necessity, no matter how low one’s personal caffeine intake may be. Everyone needs a coffee table to serve as a temporary resting place for magazines and other living room clutter; everyone needs a coffee table to act as a pedestal for decorative bits and bobs such as vases of flowers, but more than anything everyone needs a coffee table to fill that awkward space in front of the sofa. One of the primary functions of a coffee table, then – perhaps the primary function – is an aesthetic one. When buying an item largely for the purpose of making your living room look better, it goes without saying that it needs to actually look good itself. It’s worth putting extra thought, time, and money (if necessary – not that more money always equates to a nicer coffee table) into tracking down the perfect piece. Need some inspiration to start you on the right track? Well, settle down with a steaming mug filled with the hot beverage of your choice (no assumptions here) and start scrolling, because this ideabook has plenty.

​The perfect find

Tables basses / Palettes, Syell Syell Eclectic style living room Side tables & trays

Distressed to perfection, this cute coffee table has been designed to look like the perfect salvage from a back lane or a skip. The light, watery wash of pastel colours across the wood is very unusual, and it’s what gives this piece its charming character. There’s also an added element of practicality here, absent from most similar pieces of furniture: unlike the majority of its peers, this coffee table has wheels, meaning it’s that little bit more portable. It could easily be wheeled outside on sunny days, and even when the weather’s bad those wheels will still serve a purpose, making it easier to adjust the distance from the sofa and to vacuum underneath.

Tables basses / Palettes, Syell Syell Eclectic style living room Side tables & trays

With a white wash instead, the piece takes on a more subtle character.

The hybrid

Diversity is beautiful – as this coffee table, with its multiple shades of wood, neatly demonstrates. What ,makes this piece work so well is the fact that the stripes of different colours are so narrow that together they themselves look like they make up the grain of a piece of wood placed under a microscope. They aren’t too uniform in width, and the light coloured sections are placed at uneven spaces, meaning the table maintains a natural appearance rather than looking too consistently stripy and therefore manufactured.

​The innovator

Those with small apartments take note: this versatile table could be the answer to all (or at least one) of your space concerns. When folded, as seen here, the table is the perfect height for placing in front of a sofa. That interesting black X underneath looks good enough, especially thanks to its strongly contrasting paint, that it would be possible to believe that its function was a purely decorative one. But as we’ll see in the next picture, this table is a little bit cleverer than that…

Et voilà! The piece reveals its full potential. Folded out like this, the table is large enough to serve as a desk or even as a dining table for a small group of people.

​The non-table

When is a table not a table? When it’s a trunk, of course. This image shows just how effective it can be to branch out in your quest for a coffee table and start to consider objects that aren’t, strictly speaking, tables at all.

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