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15 Tricks to make your small room look much bigger

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
MARIANGEL COGHLAN Industrial style media room
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Modern houses are always associated with space scarcity, but you really don’t need to feel bad about it. With latest design approaches and innovations, it is time to give your small room, a rich and nifty appearance.

The catch here is, these ideas can be incorporated without affecting your budget. According to experts, if you add the right elements in your room, for instance, a cozy carpet, matching furniture, and beautiful lights, even the smallest corner can be transformed into a living heaven.

​Furniture away from the wall

By keeping the furniture away from the wall, you create an illusion of open space. Adopt this experiment and give a fresh view to your guests.

​Minimalist curves and lines

Minimalistic Interior spaces ---Living room interiors Preetham Interior Designer Minimalist living room
Preetham  Interior Designer

Minimalistic Interior spaces ---Living room interiors

Preetham Interior Designer

The elongated rectangular design of this living room is sufficient to twist the way it looks. Entire décor of this place focuses on elegance and simplicity and the first thing that comes to our mind is the decorative wall that is extending all the way to top. It surely adds a trendy vibe in this living room.

​A room with a view

When space is the top focus, you have to integrate every inch of the house with the right elements. There is an extended seating just by the side of the window, letting you enjoy the warmth of the space and natural lights.

​Modern sensibility

Even if your study room is quite compact, you don’t need to compromise on your style. To enhance the colour of rich timber, the place is enhanced with blue dividers. The fusion of colour and potted plants makes this space a true charm.

​Teal Beauty

Without even trying, people assume that teal is too bright to be a colour in the living room, but this house clears all the doubts. The picturesque window and chairs in deep chocolate shade give the room a perfect modern twist.

​Proper Measurement

Living Room ZERO9 Country style living room

Living Room


For a small room, everything has to be scaled and balanced. The quirky dimensions used in this room give it a modern and creative touch. A sassy setting it is for sure.

​Decorative elements

One glance at this room and you have to agree with the fact that decorative pieces are the most economical way to define beauty and style in your house.

Lights can do miracles

Believe it or not, lights are the most economical way to give beauty and style to your home. Here the designers have placed the coffee tables, local plants, and books to create a unique environment.

​Mix and match the elements

For a studio apartment, vibrant colours are always a great choice.

​Utilize the window view

Using window view and light can be the best thing you can do with any interior. This not only brings light but also creates an illusion of bigger space.

​Useless tables

Chandresh bhai interiors Vipul Patel Architects Modern living room
Vipul Patel Architects

Chandresh bhai interiors

Vipul Patel Architects

Sometimes you don’t actually need a table. So, just do away with it and get an open and spacious living.

​Built-in furniture

Built in cabinets are the best to occupy tiny corners and can have more stuff than you would have expected.

​Integrate a sofa with entertaining colour

To transform a boring bedroom into an exciting one, you just need to change its colour. Have a look at the mustard shaded sofa here.

​Play with heights

Living room entire concept homify Asian style living room

Living room entire concept


False ceilings has been among the old tricks that create dramatic illusions and you must not forget it while decorating small spaces.

​Use carpets to define the space

Instead of framing common spaces like living and dining room with walls, opt for carpets just like this house.

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