6 Tips to make your bathroom amazing

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Due to complexity of function, a bathroom is counted among those areas that require more attention than any other space. Not just the plumbing design and space, there are other specific characteristics too, that differentiate bathrooms from any other environment.

It is quite hard to come up with a creative design that also meets practical functionality of the wash area. So, today, we have a goal to introduce you to the most enchanting bathroom designs. Here, we have enlisted 6 bathroom designs that are a true inspiration:

​Rustic Bathroom

Rustic spaces have always been counted among the coziest and classic environment. Known for all the rustic touch that it provides, wood can make a space feel warmer. The beauty of this place lies in the combination of the wood and green tile. It has both the element needed to energize you, first is wood and the second is the green color. Blend these two elements to get a design of your choice and this trick will never fail you.

​Make a difference with lights

Sometimes, it is difficult to come up with the right colours, but it is never too late to add exquisite lightings. This washroom shows how a small element can bring miraculous changes. We are sure this is the star corner of the house with creative illumination all around.

​Add warmth to the bathroom

Wood is one such construction material that can add just the required amount of warmth you need in your bathroom. Although homeowners are afraid to go for this specific material because of its ability to retain moisture, it can be used for best results.

No matter what material you opt while designing, you have to be smart with its type and the right application. This house has the perfect wooden masked bathroom with a lot of cozy space around, it will surely remind you of a spa day.


Glass is one such material that is known for its space elevating feature. You can virtually double up any area with the smart application of this subtle element. In this washroom, glass walls have been used for separating both the bath area and shower. The result is a clean and young looking bathroom for sure.

​Black and white

Regardless of the place of application, monochrome has always maintained its charm. Here we have a luxurious black and white bathroom with all the elements you will need.With a clever approach, the designers have given attention to detail throughout the place.

​Furnishing and decoration

When you encounter small environments, you have to procure the right atmosphere with limited materials and knowing how to showcase the available assets to its best is an art itself. There may be different options, but this is one is stealing the show.  The muted colours have given a contemporary style to the decoration with soberness.

​Reflex game

The bathroom here showcases an ultimate game with mirrors and glasses. A brilliant way to reflect the most enchanting elements of a space. Along with doubling the space, it is also elevating the quality.

​Showcase the luxury

Hidden cabinets have been in trend for a while, but there is no wrong in displaying the luxurious assets of a bathroom. Performing as a dividing wall, this partition even act as open shelves for all the goods your washroom have.

Focus on the simple and realistic dreams above to make the most out of any bath area while we bring to you more home decoration goals.

Which one of these tips inspired you the most?

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