13 common mistakes to avoid while decorating walls

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Walls can give personality and character to a home if decorated in the right way with combination of wall art and furnishings. Though walls are created for providing privacy to rooms inside the house they soon become dull and graceless if left bare and a bit of creativity can make the look sharp and interesting.

In today’s technically advance world there are a variety of paints and wall decorations besides tiles and wall hangings that can make turn a dull wall into region of beauty. But often homeowners lack the knowledge of aesthetic décor and go overboard in their enthusiasm to “dress up” walls of their home. Here are a few checklists that one can keep in mind while decorating walls to have a home that does not make guests squirm.

1. Wrong curtains

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Curtains are also an essential part of wall décor and should be in sync with color scheme of the room but here the curtains appear like an eyesore instead of being complementary. Though made of expensive damask the color is in sharp contrast to white color scheme of the room. The dark color lacks grace and subdues the chirpy tones of the attractive wall mural. A common practice among interior decorators is to avoid keeping furniture below windows that have curtains as these cause visual disturbance to guests sitting in that area.

2. Wrong wall paper

Though wallpaper is considered a great alternative to wall paint as it costs lesser and is easy to maintain it can cause disastrous results if selected randomly. This is because though a wall is in the background, objects like furniture, floor and roof have to be matched up to have the right ambience and it sometimes becomes difficult to find the right match like here. The combination of furniture and furnishings here may be in sync but the wallpaper with shoe motif does not maintain any harmony, and seems out of place in this lounge.

3. Too many players

In their enthusiasm to showcase every facet of their life and their taste in unusual subjects, people tend to go overboard and end up making their walls like junk yards instead of an art gallery.

In a small bedroom like this that is filled with furniture and other stuff that cover every inch of the floor, the wall décor should be limited to leave some breathing space. But the numerous frames with bizarre framed pictures make the room feel almost claustrophobic.

4. Dark walls make bathrooms oppressive

A bathroom is a place of relaxation where one goes for relief and rejuvenation that can be achieved in privacy and tranquility. But in this wall fitted with a mix of artistic stones that were intended to make the bathroom look unusual, gives the opposite feeling. Despite the colorful toilet bowl, the bathroom appears and oppressive.

5. Formatting errors

Decorating the kitchen wall with colorful back-splash comprising of bright tiles is a common practice but here the combination lacks symmetry. The design may be considered bohemian but it is rather chaotic as it does not follow any pattern in terms of color or design. To any onlooker it appears that these tiles were picked up as discarded materials from a work site and set up here for the sake of creating back-splash.

6. This region needs help

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The elegant flight of stairs with wide granite steps and cheerful yellow walls were a picture of perfection until the flowers came into the picture. The orange and red flowers which are large enough in size are surrounded by leaves that are more suited to a tribal hut than a stylish villa in the city.

7. A region of horrors

If the bright colors were limited to the bed this room could still have received some respite but the yellow and pink walls followed by dull gold false ceiling make the modern bedroom a region of horrors. The floodlight on a tripod in black and silver adds to the overdose of color and materials in the bedroom.

8. Beware of dark walls

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Den area


Dark walls with artful combinations can look very interesting when the right furniture and décor is selected with it to  enhance greater depth in space. But if a room has been painted in a combination of dark tones to bring a mysterious air to the region the room looks small and oppressive. You can see the proof of what we are talking about.

9. Dazzling mix of colors and textures

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AIS Designs

A media room need not appear like a movie theatre as it is a part of your house and can be used as an extra room when extra guests arrive. The strangely patterned wall paper forms a terrible contrast with the brown and yellow floor mat and false ceiling in same tone. The heavy and dark curtains add to the gloomy atmosphere of the room.

10. Medley of stripes and flowers

Wall décor in any room should be in harmony with the furniture and other décor of the house to make it presentable and pleasing to the eye. But when there is a clash of colors and patterns then the complete effort of putting the combination together is wasted. The lovely floral patterned wall paper looks out of place against dark toned striped cushions that have been paired up with floral sofa that again breaks the pattern.

11. Excess coating of single color

Though sunny yellow is a lovely color that can perk up any room or piece of furniture looks excessive and tacky here as every inch has been painted the same color. Overdose of a single color in an enclosed atmosphere feels stifling as vision is limited to four walls of the room.

12. Colors that hurt the eyes

As a work region, the kitchen also needs a harmonious atmosphere with neutral tones and soothing textures. While people like to surround themselves with pictures of family and happy memories in the kitchen, they need to temper the feeling and limiting themselves to one or two. Here the combination of contrasting colors on cabinets and striking furniture in combination with dark toned prints on walls makes the kitchen look chaotic and confusing.

13. Making the right selection of art

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Fabien Charuau—Recent Projects

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While decorating the public areas of the house take care to see that your sense of art is within the limits of decency and does not make guests run out as soon as possible. Even if you follow a bohemian lifestyle try to maintain a certain artistic tendency to avoid your living room walls to look uncultured and tasteless.

Now that you know “What not to put up on your walls” here are ideas to Turn your bare walls into Trendy Statement walls.

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