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9 Ways to Reduce the Malefic Effects of Shani Graha

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Indian Mythology believes that all the other planets fail to provide any good result if Shani (Saturn) is causing any obstruction. There are several myths and fears associated with it.Incorporating black at home is one of those ideas to get rid of misfortunes and remembering Shani Deva. Below are pictures of 9 black items in your home to make yourself closer and dedicated to the Lord of Saturday.

1. Black Mirror

2. Black Couch

3. Black Cushions

Makeshift house for Panjabis.: minimalistic Living room by Neha Changwani
Neha Changwani

Makeshift house for Panjabis.

Neha Changwani

4. Black Coffee Table

5. Black Wallpaper

6. Black Curtains

7. Black Curtains combined with other Colors

8. Black Tiles

residential interiors: modern Bedroom by Studio Polygon
Studio Polygon

residential interiors

Studio Polygon

9. Black Rugs

Do you have any other Ideas to share with us?
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