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Canonbury Square IQ Glass UK Modern garage/shed
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Isn’t it a nightmare when the garage, and everything hidden away in it starts to get completely out of hand? If it’s not the garage, it’s the back shed—it seems to be the case that we always cram as much of our things in these storage spots, keeping them out of sight and out of mind until there’s no space left whatsoever. But the garage and shed need not become a scary antique store or makeshift pawn shop. With regular attention, some light cleaning, and a good dose of interior design nous, your garage and shed has the potential to metamorphose from a dirty, clogged quagmire into an ultimate lean, mean organised haven—for ultimate ease of use and peace of mind.

Let Homify help run you through a few essential tips on how to tame the wild beasts inside your outdoor dens.

The multi-function car space

Canonbury Square IQ Glass UK Modern garage/shed
IQ Glass UK

Canonbury Square

IQ Glass UK

Possibly the ultimate in stylish garages, this glass-door cube structure effortlessly blends into the small terrace garden and creates a space that not only looks fantastic, but also acts practically and efficiently. Situated to the rear of the block, the highly reflective glass allows the surrounding foliage and greenery to be echoed back into the space, and the result is a garage come patio space that fuses naturally into its environment. If you are working with a small space in your back yard, but require a space for your car as well, consider a housing such as this. It is provide comfortable and stylish accommodation for patio furniture, tools, and home storage, as well as that cherished automobile.

Eclectic organisation

Now, most of us have a little more than patio or terrace furniture to store away within our garages—months, years and decades of accumulating household goods, boxes of children’s school projects and cherished objects tend to fill out spaces in a cluttered and disorganised way. This garage manages to alleviate that problem, whilst still creating a space that is enjoyable and open to multiple uses. Firstly, the key is the plentiful cupboard storage to either side of the space, in addition to that, handy steel bins are placed on shelves to accommodate bits-and-bobs, while the bicycles each have a set and handy space within this garage. However, this space is not just a garage, it doubles as an entertainment space, and the polished floor, along with eclectic lighting allow the space a funky vibe, as well as a useful storage space for the household.

Japanese minimalism

Not exactly a garage or shed, this space does present and interesting solution for storing bicycles and their associated appurtenances. The Japanese minimalist style is all about having everything its right place, and this example is a perfect illustration of that. From the rich timber walls and ceiling, to the concrete flooring and angular lines, this space is efficient, practical, and above all stylish. Emulate this design in your own abode by incorporating some smart technology such as bike hoists, they will ensure you have easy access to your wheels, while maintaining a sense of order and efficiency within the space.

Making space in your garage

Often one of the hardest things to do in your garage or shed is make space for a new exciting toy or accessory. This canoe is a perfect example of an item that often finds itself heaved to the back of the garage space, leant against the wall, slowly drawing other items into its slowly fierce gravitational pull Before you know it, there are myriad bits and pieces slumped together making parking difficult, while ruining your interior aesthetic. Fix that by hanging these items from the ceiling—it may seem tricky, but hoists can be easily installed and utilise the often-unused space in the ceiling area.

A useful workspace or studio

Maybe you have a shed, but don’t have any particular use for it; perhaps your tools are hidden away securely and the space is essentially wasted—consider transforming your unused outdoor area into an artistic getaway. A studio, man-cave, retreat, greenhouse or any other type of outdoor haven, can easily be created and give you a space away from the main house that will allow certain ‘inside-inappropriate’ pursuits easily. Painting is one of those things that can be difficult to manage indoors due to the strong smell and messy nature, however, an outdoor studio can offer the freedom to be wild, escape the house and get creative.

Clean and simple

Probably the ultimate in stylish, minimal and clean garage/shed spaced, this car ‘house’ is an excellent example of how a sparkling space can present your automobiles in a dignified and easily accessible way. Simply store all of your shed items in a closed door to the side and watch the neighbours in envy as they see how wonderfully simple your garage space is.

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