9 incredible shower boxes for your bathroom

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Call it a box, a stall or a cubicle, but no bathroom is complete without the beauty and functionality that a shower box offers. Everyone likes their bathing ritual to be a luxurious one in a beautiful space that has everything one needs within easy reach. Designing the right type of shower box requires the help of a professional so that it looks stunning without compromising on practical features.

The Homify team has put together 9 inspirational designs to give you some ideas on how you can add beauty to your bath using a shower box.

1. Twice as nice

In a large bathroom, where space isn’t a constraint, you can add interest to a plain glass shower enclosure by fixing two showers instead of one. Whether you want to revive yourself by stepping alternatively into hot and cold showers or relive the experience of walking in the rain, it guarantees fun!

2. Pixelate with mosaic

All-white bathrooms are minimalist and modern, but they can also appear a bit dull. Adding mosaic tiles on the walls of the shower area to create a standalone box not only breaks the monotony, but also introduces a stylish look to an ordinary white bathroom.

3. Snow white with textured beauty

In order to keep with the modern theme of the rest of the home, white may be the automatic choice for the bathroom. However, don’t let the lack of colour prevent it from looking elegant. Adding smaller white tiles in the shower area adds sheen and texture to an otherwise flat wall.

4. Industrial beauty

The industrial style is not usually associated with bathrooms as the stark look of steel, glass and concrete doesn’t bring the relaxed ambiance that the room needs. However, in this modern design, the glass walls of the shower box and grey concrete walls bring a playful feel that is enhanced by the bright yellow accents.

5. Wood textures

While wood isn’t a popular choice for shower boxes because it absorbs moisture, you can always recreate its warmth by using textures and colours. The brown mosaic and grainy beige stone in this bath brings in the look and feel of wood.

6. Stunning curves

If you want a unique look, this design is a perfect choice with it curved structure that almost brackets the shower area on one side. The red tiles add a stunning contrast.

7. Shower with a view

For a bathroom on a higher floor that doesn’t run the risk of its privacy being compromised, a shower box by the window is a great option for enjoying a bath with a view. It also brings natural light and airiness into the bathroom.

8. Shower in a cave

For adding a natural feel to the bathroom, the shower box can be placed at the far corner of the room with access through a green corridor filled with plants.

9. Shades of grey

This bathroom is a perfect example of using gradients to add style to a shower area. It carries off a modern and minimalist design with sophistication, while complementing the white walls, fixtures and flooring in the rest of the room.

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Which of these designs would you choose for your bathroom? Reply in the comments.

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