8 Fabulous Houses under 75 squaremeters

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Bigger isn’t better anymore when it comes to houses. People are now readily opting for smaller and cosier houses because they are more functional and of course, affordable.

While you might think there can’t be much done in terms of décor to small houses, you are absolutely wrong. The houses in this list don’t just have beautiful facades but they have equally stunning interiors as well.

Here are some interesting examples of 8 stunning houses which are under 75 square meters

​1. Into the woods

This 60-square meter house is set in the middle of the woods and it is super charming to look at. The sunshades on the windows have been designed with small cringes to protect the house from rainfall and sunlight.

The house is spacious and bright and that has been possible because of the wide openings. Overall the façade of the house is inviting and stunning.

2. Small but cute

This house uses traditional German architectural techniques and puts a modern twist to it. With a high crib roof and wooden doors pained in white, this house definitely reminds us of the 90’s. The slanting roof on the top not only provides an amazing façade but it also creates more space on the inside.

​3. Housed in nature

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The industrial structure of this house provides a very appealing juxtapose to the natural surroundings and woods around it. This house, which is built in just 55 square meters, uses modern architecture with a very minimal approach.

Not to mention, sipping tea in the evening in a house like this would be the ultimate dream.

4. Prefabricated house

Now this house is a prefabricated structure which is designed by assembling concrete panels and steel conveyor systems. And since steel constructions are more robust, a house like this would be perfect for earthquake-prone areas.

Natural stone, prefabricated marble, and wooden panels have been used for the exterior, making the house super strong.

5. Countryside dreams

Resembling a village house, this amazing home definitely reminds us of a more peaceful and quiet era. Built with natural stone, this house offers very convenient interiors, and the red doors and windows really make the house pop.

The greenery around the house compliment the façade as well.

6. Simple and decorative

The multi-storey house provides a perfect contrast with warm brown and cool grey tones. The colourful flowers just near the entry are a perfect way to start your day. And then of course, there is the very functional balcony where you can enjoy the morning sun.

​7. Portable and modular

Here is the ultimate portable house which can be easily disassembled and then built in a different area. It is practical, easy to build, quick to assemble, and most importantly, it is superbly affordable.

Why buy a new house every time you move when you can carry your house with you!

​8. Just 37 meters of space

Created with just 37-square meters, this house still manages to have enough space for two bedrooms, bathrooms and an open kitchen. This is a modern fabricated house with a spectacular façade which uses different colours and textures.

The terrace is functional and it also provides a great view as the house is nestled in nature.

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Which one of these houses inspired you the most?

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