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Staying in a tree house is fun and romantic and as children most of us have tried to make some semblance of tree house by putting together pieces of wood across tree branches. As making a tree house requires taking all the equipment to a tree it can get a little tricky. A tree house has to be steady enough to withstand storms and should be built without damaging the tree. While earlier tree houses used to be rickety structures made of discarded wood today there are prefabricated structures that just need a strong base to set up a tree house. Here are some exciting tree house designs that can be tried out at any home which has a large and sturdy tree in the backyard.

Magical home for a wizard

One look at this dreamy tree house and one is transported to the magical land of gnomes and pixies. The green pointed roof however would be more appropriate for a wizard or maybe a crotchety witch with a pointed hat. This beautiful and large tree house built in country style has been rightly set within a large grove of shady trees offering the right atmosphere of mystery and allure. Reachable easily by wooden steps on both sides the entire house is built on a metal structure that also supports the railing around the house. Lamps have been built into the sides of the house to retain authenticity while leaf shaped doors and windows add to its allure.

Nestled among the high branches

This rustic tree house is perfect when children want a private space of their own. Built on two levels the lower section serves more as a lookout point while the second level built a few branches higher has the actual tree house. The single room tree house built like a log cabin has all the basics and enough space for children to sit and play games. While the wooden staircase on the first level is pretty rustic and designed for children to learn climbing, the second one is sturdier and made of hardwood. This inexpensive tree house is sure to delight children and their friends.

Lookout tower

The creators of this uniquely designed tree house rightly call themselves Squirrel Design Tree House as they make structures that are easy to reach and move around. This structure has been cleverly designed to signify two separate rooms with lookout points set in the walls comprising of large glass windows. Weatherproof enough to keep out rain and sun the house has been built on a large platform so there is chance of children tripping and falling off the tree. Two staircase options have been provided like the rope one for the adventurous and the wooden one with railings for conscious lot.

Spaceship in limbo

Though constructed among a clump of shady trees with wood this is not exactly a tree house but more of an entertainment experience. Built on strong wooden slits that are attached to the house with metal holders, the structure is also supported by metal wires attached to trees. Shaped like a space ship with rectangular edgy  glass windows on all sides the tree house has a wooden bridge that one has to walk across to get to it. Children can easily climb the strong wooden staircase built into the lawn and get to the bridge that will take them to the wooden spaceship. It is great for night parties when battery lamps shining from the windows will make this tree house look like a real space ship.

Bespoke tree house

Treehouse With Rock Wall, Premium Slide and Stairway Gardenatics Limited Country style garden
Gardenatics Limited

Treehouse With Rock Wall, Premium Slide and Stairway

Gardenatics Limited

This beautiful combination of houses and rope bridge is more of a climbing and rusting living experience than an ordinary summer tree house. Constructed in a Surrey countryside during 2014, this entire structure is under a shade of tall shady trees and comprises of an entire climbing system. While the roof of the house is made of cedarwood shingles the other features include handmade rope bridge between open hut and closed tree house built around the tree. Three rope swings hang around the tree house and there is a slide for children to slide down the tree house instead of climbing down the steps. The main tree house is fully waterproof and main platform around the tree house has waist high wooden railings.

Summer Retreat

BOSCO 1 NewNest Modern houses



Each of our tree houses is unique in their style and design that makes the special and unlike any of regular tree houses that are available in lifestyle magazines. Set on a charming meadow at the edge of the property the standalone wooden structure is balanced on thick slits of wood at its center and has a curvy wooden staircase leading up to the ledge that is stretched out before the house.

Backyard tree house

This summer house may look like a rich man's whimsical summer indulgence but is actually a dream house for twins whose father wanted to create something unique that is unlike rustic tree houses made of planks from packing boxes. Built around a tree and supported by firm trunks of two other trees the tree house is built with rocks and rough plaster and stands on a tough wooden base. Going up the tree house is an adventure as it requires climbing up a rope ladder but view from above is worth the effort.

Ecofriendly bamboo tree house

Referred to as Roost tree houses these Eco-friendly structures are built in such a way that the construction does not disturb growth of trees. Tree houses are built in the form of capsular pods that can blend into the tree foliage. Pods are connected to each other with a central outdoor platform that is built above the houses which can be reached by spiral staircase built around the tree.

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