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8 Kitchen-Bar ideas perfect for your home

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We pay so much attention to our kitchen décor that we forget about the bar. Most us like to create a separate bar cabinet and just stop there. But why create a separate cabinet for your liquor only to take it to the living room when guests are over?

Instead you can create a bar section in your kitchen and enjoy drinks with your guests while you cook the appetizers. And no, you do not need a lot of space to incorporate a bar in your kitchen, all you need to do is to think practically and creatively.

To get you inspired, we have put together a list of 8 kitchens cum bars that are definitely worth copying.

1. A separate bar with plaster work

This is a great idea when you already have a well-equipped kitchen and you are thinking about adding a bar table. With plaster work, you can easily extend a table through a corner and then add chairs.

And you can also use this as your breakfast table in the mornings.

2. Classic and well equipped

The designers of this kitchen have done a spectacular job by keeping everything vintage and rustic with this bar. One look at it and you will feel like you have been transported to a British bar in the 80’s.

The use of different shades of wood is clever and looks easy on the eyes. The bar is big enough to hold all your favourite liquor and mixing tools.

3. Modern and minimal

If vintage isn’t your style, then you can go for a modern design like this. In the kitchen here, all the modern elements have been used right from the marble top to the elegant bar stools.

If you already have a big kitchen island like this, then all you have to do is add matching bar stools and that’s it. You can either add a visible liquor cabinet or put a secret one so no one can steal your stuff.

4. LED lighting under the table

What better way to have an amazing dinner party than by adding sparkly LED lights? If you already have a table set up, you can add LED lights at the bottom, but the best way to add them is by putting them from within.

There are LED furniture available in the market, or you can ask your interior decorators to design something like this.

​5. Simple and discrete

This two-step bar table in the kitchen keeps things simple and discrete at the same time. If you are someone who loves to whip up cocktails every now and then, then you should definitely go for a similar design.

This way, you can create cocktails on the lower table while your guests enjoy their drinks on the higher table.

​6. Take it outside

If grilling and barbequing are your weekend love then why not installed a bar table outside, near your grill. So, you can enjoy chilled beer with your friends while you grill scrumptious food.

Since these tables are outside, you can keep the décor vintage with elements like stones, wood, and bricks.

​7. Fusion style

Add traditional and modern elements to your kitchen cum bar and you have got yourself a winner.

For instance, in the kitchen here you will find Mediterranean inspired tile, while the cabinets and counter top are modern. A strip of LED lighting has also been added.

8. Removable and adjustable chairs

If you only use bar chairs when you have guests over, then why always keep them there? Opt for removable and adjustable bar chairs, so you only have to take them out when you need them.

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Which one of these kitchens inspired you the most?

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