How to Arrange the Furniture for Positive Energy in your Home

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Sometimes we need much more than just looks and decorations in the house. They can all take a back seat, because there should first be a place for positive flow of energy. The good part is, it is no rocket science, you just need a bit of arrangement, accessorizing, and maintenance for appropriate results.

Here, we have enlisted some of the techniques that can stimulate the positive vibes in your house. So, let’s start with the easy yet effective ways to maintain the harmony of any house:

1. ​Free up the space

An airy room is not just appealing, it also allows proper flow of energy. To maintain the space, only go for the furniture that is crucial to the house. Storage furniture should be avoided in the bedrooms. If that is not possible, try to declutter them at least once a month. Two-in-one furniture are in trend these days, so, you can also opt for them.

​2. Maintain the flow

The master bedroom Zodiac Design Modern style bedroom
Zodiac Design

The master bedroom

Zodiac Design

For a house, it is necessary to maintain the right flow of substances. How you place the furniture matters a lot and the key to right setting is avoiding unwanted obstacles. Look at this bedroom and you can see, it has every possible element one can expect—The sofa, bench, bed, everything is placed in the best way without any sign of chaos.

3. ​White on the northwest side

Mr.Reddy Residence Uber space Modern study/office
Uber space

Mr.Reddy Residence

Uber space

Opt for plenty of white color in the study area because white is considered a soothing color and it is peaceful for studying. Try to place this furniture in the northwest corner of the house to improve concentration. White is often related to metals and that is why it transmits sharp thinking and productivity. To balance the white furniture, a dash of colour is recommended.

​4. Choose the right colours

Red, purple, and green are the colors known to bring wealth to your house.  Using all the three colors is not necessary so you can wisely select one of these. As a safe option, use red on the wall and a purple cushion on the sofa.  In this room, red is the ruling color, soaking the chairs, cabinets, flower vase, and wall posters in a charming way. Place a few indoor plants to add green elements in the house.

5. ​Mirrors

Along with being a great essence for home décor, mirrors also create a great illusion of space. It reflects the energy that falls on them and that is why they can help reflect positive energy as well. While placing the mirrors, there are a few things you need to consider, like it should not reflect distorted images, cracks, or the setting sun. Try to reflect positive things like sunrises, nature, and happy memories.

​6. Accessorize with gold

Gold is a color of positive vibes and wealthy energies. Introduce this color wherever possible, it can be in the form of furniture colors, Feng Shui accessories, as well as wall decors.

7. ​Use yellow on the west side

On the west corner of the house, bright shades of yellow are recommended. Yellow triggers the earthy elements which are associated with nourishment and stability. Just adding a few yellow cabinets will accomplish the purpose, so, you don’t really have to worry much. Follow the design idea brought by the designers of the house and succeed with the planning.

8. ​Zen Appeal

The sleek and stunning garden furniture is a treat for the eyes. Decked with black benches and tables, it lets you enjoy open air anytime.

Follow these home arrangement tips, while we introduce you to some more ideas.

Which one of these tips do you already follow?

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