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12 Things in your house to hide immediately

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Everyone wishes to have a home that is as flawless and beautiful as they dream it to be! However, nothing is perfect in this world. Especially when it comes to homes. Our buildings are prone to face dust, heat, moisture, kids activities and a lot more and therefore, expecting them to be in their finest mode is a mistake on our part. But that does not mean that you cannot do much about it. There is always a solution to every problem and today, we focus on bringing such solutions in front of you.

Today, we are going to discuss some issues that almost every house sees and provide little tricks to hide them.Let us learn some professionally approved ideas for your home. 

Note: the photos show the solutions and tricks, but does not mean that these projects were designed for this purpose. Unlike! The photos are used to inspire you and give you ideas.

1. Moisture Marks

Moisture is difficult to control and can occur due to contiguity of an area with water or moist air for a long time. It might be due to leakage, shower, weather or any known or unknown reason. But it is quite obvious to be detected and the best you can do to hide moisture marks is to cover the wall or area with tiles or stones. 

2. Holes in the floor

When a particular area of floor is used constantly, it tends to get damaged. Firstly it have some spots then you will witness fading or uprising and later on, you can see well defined small or larger holes that are difficult to undone. You can place pots, plants or showpieces over them or use carpet to hide such defects. 

3. Outside Animal visits

Most often, you cannot control the neighbourhood pets or your own pets from wandering here and there in your home. They can leave immediate effects on the super shiny surface of your floor, color of walls, or embellishing on the facade. The solution is to place barriers or raise that does not want to be affected.

4. Air Conditioning Pits

No one who does not enjoy the advantages that air conditioning provides, but many suffer grids including installation.They are able to break any decoration unless strategically clogged with household items.

5. Accumulation of dust on the shores

The corners created by the meeting of a wall with another are difficult to clean and therefore, very feasible spot to collect dust areas; so as the day to hide deep cleaning can get some embellishment place that suits the corner of the area.

6. Storage under the stairs

The site under the stairs is used to haul everything that you won't believe. You can use this area for decoration, creating visual corners, storage or placing unused chairs, tables and other items. 

7. Holes in the Walls

What about those small irritating holes in the walls that keep on soaring your eyes. Sometimes, we ourselves are responsible for their growth using the world famous tool called Nails. Cover them with items like paintings, mirrors, frames or anything that suits your likes.

8. Stripping on Walls

Wallpapers and sometimes, paints are a great ally to the beauty of a certain wall. Coated walls over simple paints often become faded at some sections and start looking horrible. There is no other solution than getting them repainted or pasting a cross section of matching wallpaper over it. 

9. Traces of Use

Another detail that has nothing pleasing are those grease stains left on our glass, metal, paint, etc. Constantly used areas also tend to get darker as compared to nearby areas. Use colored lights to hide such defects or place a vast size pots to hide the shady regions. 

10. Pet Articles

Sandboxes cat or dog fecal mats, if you're a fan of pets these articles will sound familiar and also the fact that a partially hidden place is the best, both visually and in the olfactory. Therefore, the idea as a solution, is to have them near areas where long is passed as corridors and stairwells .

11. Stains on Walls

When there are areas in the home that do not have a decoration and exclusive furniture, they are taken as areas to accommodate things for momentary mode or as a site of mere step but this leads to the entrance and exit leaving stains and scratches that immediately disfigure the walls after appearing. The solution is to place elements pemanently there and fix the stains by hiding them. 

12. Visible Cables

Today it is wireless, but that does not means that these wires and cables no longer exist at home. But quite the opposite. The easiest way is to simulate their presence by articles that cover; the other which requires more time is embed them in walls.

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