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12 ways to decorate your walls with stone, so they look spectacular!

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Decorating the walls is a quick way to add a completely new look to the interiors. Most homes have painted walls, and at the most, they have bright colours or textures to create a unique look. However, the natural beauty that stone brings to walls can’t be replicated with paint. Using stone brings unmatched cosiness to a home.

In this ideabook, we’ve highlighted 12 different design ideas for decorating the walls of your home with stone to make them stunning.

1. Stone entrance wall demarcates the area

Most modern homes use glass and steel, which add transparency that matches the neutral colour palette. However, it makes it difficult to distinguish the entrance area from the living room or dining passageway. Using stone on the wall brings in warmth that contrasts the glass and creates a visual partition.

2. Stone niche adds style to the bath

In this bathroom, the stone texture at the background of the niche is highlighted using spotlights to create a beautiful effect. It takes the niche from functional to stunning and also complements the natural stone tiles in the rest of the area.

3. Maintenance-free beauty

Decorating the walls along a passageway with stone tiles not only breaks the monotony of white or light-coloured walls, but also presents a low maintenance material as the stone can be wiped clean and does not show up stains as easily as paint does.

4. Grey sophistication

Stone walls can enhance the look of a room. In this living room, which is decorated in muted shades of grey, white and wood, a white wall in the background would make the room look dull. Instead, grey stone is used to create an elegant wall that matches the rest of the décor while simultaneously adding an interesting element.

5. Flagstone finesse

Flagstone is usually used on the floor to add a rustic touch. However, you can use it on the wall as the mix of shades contributes a spectacular look to the area. It’s an easy option to fix onto an existing wall.

6. Rustic outdoors

Nothing brings in a feel of the outdoors better than rough textured stone. A combination of medium and large unpolished stones adds a rustic look and works especially well in bathrooms.

7. Vertical wooden troughs

Placing multi-coloured stones framed with wood on the walls recreates the look of pebble-filled troughs that are vertically resting on the wall. It adds to the warmth in a country-style home.

8. Mix old with the new

Bedrooms need to be warm and relaxing. However, in modern homes, the use of white and neutral shades can bring in a cold vibe. Using stone to decorate the walls infuses the area with warmth that blends old world charm with modern minimalism.

9. Textured beauty

In a large area, instead of using wall paper to add texture, flagstone can cover the entire wall to add colour and beauty.

10. Cool grey meets warm wood

The stylish combination of grey stone and wood is a classic. It works well in almost any area as it mixes warmth and coldness to bring in a neutral ambiance that is relaxing.

11. Stoned passageway

Sometimes, an elongated passageway extends from the entrance area to the back of the house. In such homes, flagstone can be used to retain the identity of the passage wall along its journey through the home.

12. Partition in stone

Stone cladding can be used in an open plan design to separate two areas. In this home, it efficiently separates the dining area without taking away floor space.

For ideas on using stone on the floors, see Welcome home the Beauty of Stone Floors.

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