7 Feng Shui ideas everybody needs at home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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The concept of Feng Shui originated over 3,000 years back in China and represents two natural elements—Water and Wind. When these two elements combine, they bring peace and relaxation to life and if you too want to add an ambiance like this to your house, the practice of Feng Shui is a perfect choice. The ancient Chinese system has guidelines for the right placement of furniture, colours, and other home accessories.

In this idea book, we have enlisted 7 Feng Shui ideas for home:

​1.Let in the nature

This is a very simple and effective way to add Feng Shui principles to your home. What can be better than being greeted with beautiful potted plants every day? However, thorny and bonsai plants are not suggested by Feng Shui. You should also keep dried flowers and leaves away from home.

​2.Feng Shui symbols

When talking about Feng Shui, we cannot ignore the eight symbols it comes with – bamboo, dragon, double eight, Chinese coins, laughing Buddha, mystic knots, Pagoda Towers, and foo dogs. Having all the eight symbols in your home is surely going to bring you good luck. If not all, try to add at least some.

3.​Clutter free home

A messy home is always the sign for negative energy as it does not hold the capacity to attract positive energy. At the first step of home construction, try including spacious cabinets so that you can have all the elements at the right place. With everything placed at the right location, the flow of energy is not hindered and you can have more positive vibes than ever.

4.​Pick the right lights

Choosing right lighting is an essential part of the Feng Shui adaptation. First, you need to consider the direction of light entering every room and if possible bring in some natural lights too. One of the crucial laws of Feng Shui is to keep the darkness at bay by brightening the rooms. In case the room lacks in natural lights, try opting for soft warm hues.

​5.Choose the right colour

Picking a colour based on the Feng Shui allows you to enhance the various aspects of life. Make a decision based on the natural elements representing your personality. For instance, if your sign is water, a dash of radical red can spice up things and in case you are a fire sign, you will need a hint of blue.

Also, for segmenting your room into particular spaces, you can consider the right combination of colours. According to the principle of Feng Shui and expert designers, yellow is the colour of dynamism, blue for tranquility, and soft lilac for anxiety relief. Try to include these colours according to their specific effects and create a successful space in turn.

6.​No mirrors in the bedroom

Feng Shui prohibits mirrors in the bedroom as it is known to drain your energy up to a certain level. However, in the modern house, it is difficult to keep the mirror away from the bedroom as this is the place where you have your wardrobe. So, if you really can’t get rid of the mirror, at least try to reflect it in the right corner.

In the end, mirror should never face your bed as it is known to bring bad omen. Instead, you can make them face an empty wall.

​7.Bed location

We spend almost 8 hours on our beds and this is perhaps the most relaxing time of the day. Feng Shui dictates that if possible, you should place the bed diagonally opposite to the door or the windows. A big no-no is positioning your feet towards the door as this is the way; a deceased is removed from a room.

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