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Balconies in a high rise within crowded cities are the only pieces of open sky that owners can enjoy. While most use it as a place to hang out washed laundry, people that love greenery use this little bit of space to evaluate their green thumb with decorative planters. Plants are like pets and flourish with love and attention which will also win admiration from guests. With growth in cities and shrinking open spaces today planters are available in every shape and size which can also be ordered online to suit the buyer’s taste and requirements. We have given a few interesting suggestions here that were created by our talented designers and can be fitted into any midsized balcony or even veranda.

Eyecatching red beauty

This stunning scoop planter adds character to the balcony and a single one is enough to enhance the area. As it is manufactured out of rotomoulded polyethylene the modern style scoop planter is weather proof, light and extremely versatile. The colour of this beautiful creation is UV stable so there is little fear of fading under strong sunlight and it is available in solid colors like red, yellow and orange. A unique feature of this planter is its ability to glow in the dark as there is pre-installed LED light within that can be switched on with a remote control sold with the scoop.

Tubs of greenery

Balconies are slim spaces that are usually two two three feet wide and maybe five to six feet long making it difficult to keep large artistic planters. Our designers have made this innovative wooden rack from reclaimed wood of packing boxes that has three slots to keep tiny pots with flowering plants like peace lily and miniature rose or leafy plants like rubber and jade.

Tilting baskets of flowers

Who would not love this versatile piece of portable balcony planter that can be placed either indoors or outdoors? The strong wooden frame can be made out pieces of packing box or even discarded furniture with strong legs which can be cut into required pieces. As regular clay or porcelain tubs would be a little heavy on the frame simple plastic tubs in white or any other light colour with holes at the bottom for the water to flow would be perfect. Plant it with table roses and other flowers that blossom in winter so efforts are easily rewarded and balcony is colourful.

Hanging garden

Love summer creepers that have fragrant flowers and lack space? Use these eclectic hanging planters that are both attractive and take up minimal space.  Made out of metal these are weather proof too and can be placed anywhere inside and outside the house. Pretty metal pots suspended in the air and far enough to give the plants in them enough space to grow and flourish are ideal for summer plants like jasmine and night-queen that have strong fragrance.

Planters on a pitchfork

Who would have thought that pitchforks could become planters? Well our creative designers did and have fixed a couple of holders on this pitchfork handle that can be hung from a wall or the balcony rails. If there are any broken spades or pitchforks that can be obtained from a yard sale then purchase them to get metal rings soldered on at local hardware store and to get inexpensive planters ready!  As these are delicate it is better to use woven jute baskets as planters for light creepers and other types of flowering plants.

Eco-Friendly Planters

Dacarr by Muubs Muubs Rustic style garden Plant pots & vases

Surprised by the unusual color of these planters? These unique hand made products from Decarr by Muubs are made from upcycled car tires. These baskets and barrels are made from upcycled car tires that have been striped and sown together . These products are handmade and hand cut, furthermore  they have been made from old methods known for decades and are getting a fresh lease of life through the Decarr by Muubs product range.

The surface of these products is maintenance free and are an excellent option  to bring in sharp contrast into your outdoor home decor.

Metal bucket planters

These can easily be made from discarded metal buckets or watering cans by simply making a small hole at the bottom. Grouped together these planters look attractive with brightly colored flowers that contrast with black and grey iron of these cans. Available in varied sizes and shapes with plain and ribbed surfaces these planters look attractive in any kind of garden.

Hanging Eggshells

Looking at these alluring vases from a distance anyone could mistake them for shells of dinosaur eggs! Well, though the rough exterior of these baskets look like eggshells these are made of ceramic and are quite attractive. Suspended by a strong metal wires protruding from the walls these ceramic planters can be used for small creepers.

For more guides on decorating balconies and indoors with plants refer to these ideas.

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