8 interesting sculptures for Indian homes and gardens

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Beautiful and elegant sculptures have been used for several hundred years by homeowners, hotels, showrooms and offices to enhance the artistic element of the area. While some people like to showcase their sculpture art collection to every visitor some like to keep them secreted away in their bedrooms and dens which are displayed only to special friends. Serious art enthusiasts usually travel far and wide to collect priceless sculpture for their collections while lucky people that travel frequently overseas on work collect small sculpture pieces as mementos that later adorn their showcases. Here is an eclectic mix of sculptures that have been used by home-owners and architects that can be selected to beautify any home.

Monkey on the wall

haldia city center art project , ART FOR EVERY ONE mrittika, the sculpture ArtworkSculptures
mrittika,  the sculpture

haldia city center art project , ART FOR EVERY ONE

mrittika, the sculpture

Urbanization may have led to monkeys becoming scarce around large cities but in several rural areas and small towns these are still visible in India. As these are revered as incarnation of Lord Hanuman people usually do not harm them and just chase them away.  The house owner’s fondness for the monkey has been replicated here by acclaimed artist studio of Mrittika which is famous for creating beautiful sculptors and decorative products.  These three perky monkeys created out of black metal are weather proof and can be perched anywhere on the boundary wall.

Adorable wooden caterpillar

butterfly projects Forest Crafts Ltd ArtworkSculptures
Forest Crafts Ltd

butterfly projects

Forest Crafts Ltd

This adorable and large wooden caterpillar is sure to be a delightful attraction in any garden for children and adults alike. Hand crafted out of discarded wood pieces and driftwood the caterpillar's body has been made with small blocks of wood fixed together. The egg shaped head has been craved out of a single block and has two beady eyes above a cute smiley face and a couple of horns. Its three feet long body has been fixed into the ground and balanced with tiny wood pieces that appear like tiny feet of the caterpillar. Small children would love to play on this giant caterpillar that can even be carried indoors and placed on the veranda if it rains outside.

Bog wood sculpture

This unique sculpture created out of wood is a specialty of Ireland. These creations are referred to as bog wood as these hand carved sculptures are made from roots and trunks derived from marshlands of the area. Bog wood sculpture makes minimal changes in the pieces of wood and retains their original texture and color. In this sculpture too just the outline of a human face has been brought into focus leaving the other parts alone so that side profile appears as if hair is cascading down the statue's shoulder to the waist. The simplicity and elegance of bog wood sculpture is irresistible.

Lady of Justice

This elegant Lady Justice sculpture has been beautifully crafted out of brass. She has been an integral part of  Roman Mythology and is suited to any home that has a large courtyard or patio. Every part of her costume and stance has been beautifully sculpted from the delicately held scales to the firmness with which she stands on the world. The sculpture depicts how difficult it is for her to balance the scales of justice and keep the snake of evil crushed underfoot and maintain equilibrium of the world. Place this sculpture in the garden or in the front porch and watch the admiring looks from guests and neighbors.

Sea horse or a sea dragon

That is the question homeowner is likely to be asked by guests when they view this piece of art in the living room. Suspended from a slim piece of steel on a pedestal this unique sculpture has been handcrafted out of different metals that were beaten into thin sheets to make cut outs of the wings and claws. While the main body and head has been made out of one piece, the wings, claws and crown have been intricately constructed out of several pieces. The artist has cleverly attached pieces of the same materials as the claws on the body to show the scaly body of the breathtakingly elegant dragon that looks poised to breath out fire anytime.

Romantic couple in ceramic

Dr.Z.S.'s Residential House DESIGNER GALAXY Modern living room

Dr.Z.S.'s Residential House


The attractive sculpture created in ceramic is just perfect for the delicate pedestal. Backdrop of light yellow wall highlights the light yellow tinge of the ceramic sculpture which has a couple seated on a bicycle that have stopped at a quite spot for a romantic interlude. Placed on a brown wooden pedestal the sculpture has been made with such finesse that it appears as if it has risen out of the wood. Silver table lamp with crystals bowl around the light adds to the sculpture’s glory as light will twinkle through the every facet of the crystal making every part of the sculpture glow.

Perfection in white

This attention grabbing creation reaffirms the fact that white has a timeless quality about it that cannot be denied. The main structure based on a pedestal has flowers designed like lotuses with snake like fishes gliding out of them. Its most unique feature  is the artist's ability to use white paint on the entire creation in such a manner that it appears as if paint is dripping down from the pedestal. Pretty blue and black butterfly perched on the fish appears so real that anyone would be tempted to touch it and see for themselves.

Mother of prosperity

Brass Kamdhenu Cow and Calf Sculpture / Sacred Wish Fulfilling Idol M4design ArtworkSculptures

Brass Kamdhenu Cow and Calf Sculpture / Sacred Wish Fulfilling Idol


This beautiful brass creation of a mother cow and her calf is considered auspicious and is an essential part of Indian home decoration. This brass sculpture is a depiction of Kamadhenu the sacred and mythological cow that fulfills all wishes and desires when cared for with respect and love. Treated as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity this brass sculpture on can be placed anywhere in the home to enhance its attractiveness.

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