30 Photos of a Fabulous House

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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It’s a three storey house with a comfortable patio and pergola with vegetation and greenery all around. The décor is tropical with jungle decor reviving the essence of mother nature. Privacy has been maintained to an utmost level in this house and you have to wait no longer to start the fabulous tour of this house:

1. Watch your favorite shows

Watch your favorite show along with a little chit chat around this comfy seating place.

2. ​Garage

Some interesting outdoor items like bicycle has been used here to add the flavor of sports.

3. ​Front Look

All the four corners of the house are surrounded by huge green plants, giving it a jungle look.

4. ​Pergola

Pergola is among the most beautiful areas of the house. You can see how evenly it is distributed from all the corners.

​5. Welcome the guests

With comfortable armchairs covered in soft and ergonomic  fabrics, this place becomes ideal for sharing some bright moments with your guests.

6. ​Kitchen Design

The kitchen design of the house maintains a traditional style with green tiled floor and brick wall.

7. Functionality of kitchen

All the modern amenities are there in this kitchen with proper storage for all the products and appliances.

8. Washing Machine

The washing place has been accumulated in the kitchen area only that too without a sign of mess.

9. Breakfast corner

Breakfast platform is attached to the kitchen island only with comfortable chairs arranged in a row. The designers have opted for a fabulous setting with everything placed in a sequence.

10. Decorative elements

The decorative elements of this house are truly epic, for example the flower vase here.

​11. Wall decors

We see some great quotes, travel inspired images, and family photos arranged in way to beautify this wall

12. ​Connecting with Green charm

The beauty of the stairs is elevated  by the ruling element of the house which is green plants.

13. Light Fixtures

To bring the most out of this green setting, here we have the illuminating fixtures.

14. The entrance

The entrance of the place is striking itself with the contrast of white and black.

15. Media Room

It is a vibrant site with purple flowers and prints all around.

​16. Comfortable couch cum bed

A comfortable bed type couch is placed in the room and to add in coziness,  a fireplace is added just in front of the bed.

17. Key Element

 The key element of this bed type couch is the wooden separation with the statue of Buddha on it.

18. Vibrant Bathroom

The printed wall of this bathroom conveys a dramatic look.

19. Purple place

The washroom on the second floor of the house is soaked in purple hues. A contrast of orange doors has been added to the bathroom with elegance.

20. Stairs

A royal entry to this luxury house.

21. Dark orange doors

The bright and beautiful door opens into a cozy interior.

22. Spiral Staircase

 An enchanting aerial view of the spiral staircase.

23. Wall décor

 Consider this extremely bright way to add the family photos in the passageway.

24. Bedroom

Look at the bedroom, it is nothing less than a warm and cozy space to unwind the day

25. Bath area

The washroom is attached to the bedroom and here you have everything that you can think of in a bath area.

26. Three in one

 There is a study, bath, and bedroom, all in one place.

27. ​Kitchen shelves

The open cabinets can store your favorite recipe books, as well as decors.

28. Outdoor kitchen

 Vibrant colors envelop this kitchen giving it a rustic look.

29. Pool area

The most interesting part of the house for a long and fun evening.

30. Comfortable Seating

 If you want to sip your morning coffee amidst a green ambiance, this is the right place.

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