9 Small and Functional Kitchens for Indian Homes

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Homeowners have to get highly creative when it comes to furnishing and designing their small and cozy kitchen. Although it is a frustrating task, there is always a way out to utilize the most out of a small space. 

Thanks to the high-end technologies and upbeat space-saving designs that are meant to enhance the functioning of your kitchen. You can now design your small kitchen just the way you want. Here, we have compiled 9 astonishing ways to utilize the most out of your small kitchen:

​Stick to the basics

When you are working for a kitchen where you have to manage everything in a small space, you need to think about innovative solutions. Harmonize the display units as shown in this kitchen. Here you have hangers, hooks, as well as cabinets to arrange the kitchenware with elegance.

​Modern Wood

An update to a traditional kitchen, this place shows you how effectively woods can be incorporated into your kitchen. A darker tone provides contemporary coolness to the kitchen, whereas open windows bring greenery inside. The contrasting element in this kitchen remains the  black worktop.

​Contemporary Cabinets

For a modern kitchen, white or neutral shades of cabinets are the first choice. And, if you want to elevate the ambiance go for sleek cabinets.

Also, avoid carvings, patterns, and dark timbers for the cabinets. However, glass panels are always a wise option when it comes to the selection of cabinet doors and materials. By creating an illusion of space, it brings a modern look to the kitchen.

​Small colour pops

In a kitchen that has little space to add things of your choice, color plays a great role. Take an example of this kitchen and the subtle colors added in the corners. We are talking about the turquoise shelves and singular drawers that are complementing the aura of this kitchen beautifully. A dash of yellow here and there is also appreciated in this kitchen.

​Maximise the space with corner drawers

Harbourside kitchen, Tim Jasper Tim Jasper Country style kitchen
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

A great way it is to utilise the kitchen corners. The cabinets have been constructed without wasting even an inch. Neutral colors added to the cabinets brings a glossy charm.

​Designer Shelves

A simple and quick way to add a stylish touch to your kitchen is by installing designer shelves. It could be anything that blends with the décor of the interior. Here, the designers have opted for different dimensions to utilize most out of this compact kitchen.

​Pendant Lights

Even with less space, you can enlighten your kitchen with the help of pendant lights. Select any form or size, pendant lights have the tendency to add a magical charm.

​Mirrored Wall

Mirrors hold the capacity to add virtual space to any place. Add mirror doors in place of the wooden ones to maintain the contemporary vibes of a tiny kitchen. To brighten up the space, a super bright light facing the glass door will be a great idea.

​Different Materials

This kitchen depicts a harmonious combination of steel, stone, glass, wood, textured lace, and metal. The space is not huge, but the green walls and black counters make the place cozy and inviting.

If you too have a small kitchen, try these tips to make it more functional and effective. Till then, we will bring for you some more tips and tricks.

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