12 Inspiring Ideas to design your Guest Bathroom!

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Most house-owners are not comfortable about sharing their private bathroom with guests that is attached to the bedroom and prefer to have a smaller one that is either attached to a guest room or close to the living room or corridor. Even if that bathroom or toilet is rarely used and does not need hardware like shower stall, bathtub etc. it has to be kept clean as the host’s reputation depends on it.  

In this ideabook we shall study designs of 12 bathrooms that could be used by any home that aspires to have a suitable guest bathroom that is worthy of appreciation.

1. Glowing white

The most striking feature of this classic style bathroom for guests is the large rock on the roof that grabs viewer’s attention. The bathroom's design has been made in such a way that it does not lack essentials and though it does not have any standard counter it has a slim rectangular washbasin that can meet all needs. Other touches that live up to its classical image are oval bejeweled mirror and simple picture on the wall in pale pink.

2. Bathroom with a bookase

BO6 Modern bathroom

Getting the bathroom ready for a guest? Why not fill up the smart shelf created by bathroom designer with books or magazines or houseplants to cover up the region. The snazzy timber door is perfect for this somber guest bathroom with plain grey surroundings.

3. Bathroom with a washing machine

Setting up a washing machine within the guest bathroom that is attached to a guest bedroom that too in an elevated manner like this is a smart idea to save on floor space and make it convenient for guests to use when necessary. By setting up heating hanger close to the washing machine owners’ have shown their concern for guests’ comfort.


4. Guest bathroom in the corner

From its sloping roof it is obvious that this guest bathroom is located below the staircase but its size does not affect the usage of essential comforts that have been built into the space. Besides a sizeable shower cubicle the modern bathroom has a tiny dresser style cabinet built below the washbasin that can be used to store up essentials that are required in the region. The two colorful paintings in the bathroom steal the show from artistic round bathroom mirror.

5. Glow of vibrant colors

Converting the rear wall of this tiny guest bathroom into a mural for abstract art with colorful circles in various sizes was a unique idea as the background enhances other tones used in the region. Long mirror stretching from the entire wall above the counter gives breathing space to the bathroom with parallel walls partly painted in pink.

6. Classic Monochrome

No can deny the classic beauty of monochrome design like the one here with every piece blending neatly into the designer’s imagination. The antique lamp in the wall crevice and monochrome glass tiles on the floor designed like a chess board emphasizes the classic styling of the trendy guest bathroom.

7. Light and shade

Besides the stylish ladder that can be used as a magazine or towel hanger, this guest bathroom has been fitted with unique lighting system that keeps the region bright without being visible. Combination of light and dark tones on the walls and large mirror over the wash basin makes the trendy bathroom appear spacious

8. Compact and colorful

Combination of bright and neutral tones requires deep knowledge of aesthetics which has been amply displayed here. An old fashioned tiny closet style bathroom has been turned into a modern bathroom by painting the entire background in shiny white and reconstructing the counter and cabinet in striking yellow that creates an enthralling contrast.

9. Earth tones against laminated surface

Woven baskets made of natural fibers are ideal for storage and can be kept in any region like this fashionable bathroom too. Abstract wall art creates a striking effect in the neutral toned bathroom but it meets its match with hand woven baskets and casket that bring earthy colors into the region.

10. Beauty of small details

The thoughts behind little details that make a bathroom comfortable sometimes are its most uplifting factor as they also make the region look elegant. In this minimalist bathroom dressed in somber off-white tones these touches are visible in the magazine holder, delicate lighting arrangement and towel rack below the wash basin making it easy to reach.

11. Sophistication redefined

It is rightly said that good design does not suffer from lack of space and can fit in all essentials in the best possible manner to ensure comfort and maintain aesthetics too. In this region the architects have created a sophisticated bathroom that oozes charm and elegance from every corner be it the narrow cabinet above the washbasin or scented candles on the open shelf.

12. Decorate with flowers

 Houseplants and flowers improve the aesthetics of a bathroom while absorbing toxic gases in the area. The combination of shower and bathtub against background of earth toned walls brings an enchanting finish to this bathroom designed with a mix of modern and traditional styles.

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