6 ways to store more in a small kitchen

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Those pesky small kitchens really can be a drag when it comes to having enough storage, can't they? We're not saying they can't be gorgeous, as they really can, but ask any kitchen planner and they'll tell you that making sure you can stow all your utensils and kitchen paraphernalia away is a real challenge in a more bijou spot. Well, it was, until we came up with a list of fantastic ways to add extra space to your room! 

Take a look at our suggestions and see which might be perfect for all your pans!

1. Two-tiered cabinets make a lot of sense.

If you like the potential storage of cupboards up to the ceiling, but fully blocked out doors would feel a little too claustrophobic, these tiered examples are ideal, with glass inserts. You get the same amount of cupboard space, but the room feels far more open.

2. Use the wall space between windows.

So often, wall space between windows is simply overlooked as being unusable and not practical, but we think a few shelves, maybe a small cupboard or even a simple utensil rail would make it far more handy!

3. Opt for built-in appliances.

Built-in appliances are a small kitchen's best friend. They take up far less room than conventional versions and usually have integrated storage too. If you get them as part of a new fitted kitchen, you can often get great deals as well!

4. Put under the sink to good use.

The cupboard under the sink tends to become a bit of a dumping ground in every kitchen, but prevent this by really organizing the space, with storage baskets, hanging rails for bottles and even pull out trays. You'll be shocked how much you can keep under there, when it's tidy!

5. Lashings of cupboards.

There can be a temptation to not include top cupboards in a small kitchen, for fear of drowning the space out, but frankly, if you choose a lovely fitted kitchen design, the more cupboards, the better! Build them up to the ceiling, if you dare!

6. Include shelves in your island.

If you have an island in your kitchen but don't have any shelves set into it, you're really missing a trick! Perfect for all those small but cumbersome items, such as recipe books or even stand mixers, your island has so much more storage potential to offer, so open it up!

For more small kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Lighting your small kitchen!

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