The Best L-shaped Kitchens for Indian Homes

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​Hardvendel Design, Hardvendel Design Hardvendel Design Modern kitchen
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What should be a set of furniture in my kitchen? This decision is not momentary and requires some thought. You have to think about the style, material, color, as well as household appliances. Selection difficulty also lies in the fact that modern providers offer a huge selection of furniture, which is in line with our wishes.

In our new book ideas, we will show some cozy kitchens that unite us familiar L-shaped layout.

Convenient and Practical

Corner kitchen layout is very convenient to accommodate the so-called work triangle. The unseen vertices are the sink, refrigerator, and stove. At the same time, opening the door of an item of kitchen ensemble do not interfere with each other, and the movement of workers within the triangle areas.

Glossy facades

Do you want that your kitchen should become the heart of the house and unite the whole family within its walls? Perhaps you will cook breakfast there only? Do not panic. Even the smallest kitchen is able to appear before the eyes of the household in the best possible light. Glossy facades of furniture and household equipment added outside the room and the LED makes the work area look attractive for the preparation of various dishes.

Industrial Accents

In many European homes, kitchen area is so small that it is not a separate space for a dining table. So tiny kitchen  interior designers recommend to give an industrial charm. For this, fit apron imitation brick or tile hog, as in the photo.

Snow-white aura

White is a win-win situation for both small and for large kitchens. It has the property to erase borders and makes the room visually spacious while helping to increase the well-lit room. In addition, the wood surface countertops look great in white edging walls and furniture.

For the city and garden

​Hardvendel Design, Hardvendel Design Hardvendel Design Modern kitchen
Hardvendel Design

​Hardvendel Design

Hardvendel Design

On the longer side, set higher floor cabinets where you can store utensils needed in the economy. Along the lower wall is convenient to place the sink or oven. As you can see, the L-shaped design looks great and in the country houses, and kitchens with access to the terrace or in a separate room dining.

The Favorite Size

Even a narrow kitchen can express the individuality of a home! Practicality laminated headsets preferred for cooking enthusiasts. Dimensions of the working surface is minimal, cabinets are very compact, however, is still a place to turn around in a culinary duet. Rope in the nearest kitchen planner to help you.

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