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7 Things You Must Consider Before Switching Baths and Showers

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The transition from an affordable home to an ideal home is time consuming and there is so much that needs to be taken into consideration. One of the first things you need to decide upon is the bathroom design.

Two central elements of a bathroom are the shower and bath. So, what you will opt for? A bath and a shower? A shower over a bath? Or just a bath? Although, it is said that selling a home without a bath can be difficult, yet a bathroom with just a shower is worth considering. It can save a lot of space in your house.

Along with a bath and shower, you also have to determine the size of the bath area and who will be using it. For kids, a bath will be a better option, whereas older people might prefer a shower. In case, you are switching between bath or showers, here are the top 7 consideration to look into:

​Think about more than just space

When it comes to planning a bathroom, designers have come a long way in fitting a lot into a small space. With smart planning, it is now possible to include a shower, bath, and toilet in an awfully compact bathroom. This means space hardly affects the selection of bath and shower. Instead, you have to consider what you like, a long hot bath session or a quick shower.

​The water system

One factor that often gets ignored while deciding over a bath and shower is the household water system. This is important to determine how much time the water system will be supplied and where it can reach. So, while a bathroom, make sure you have complete knowledge of the water system that exists in your house. Locate your bath and shower depending on the water system for better usage.

​A freestanding design

If you like to spend hours soaking in a tub, or there are small children in the house who need to be bathed, then freestanding bath is a good option. From the modern copper bath to the traditional claw foot ceramic bath, there are a lot of designs and materials to select from.

Due to their elegance and sophistication, they are becoming very popular these days.  These bathrooms are best suited for bigger bathrooms as they can be placed in the middle of the room in a charming way.

​Order extra tiles

Now, when you know what you need and what not in your bathroom, it is the time to draw the decoration plans. Make sure you have a taken all the dimensions accurately as it is going to needed while ordering a basin or bath. Stock up more than the required number of tiles to avoid last moment chaos.

​Go for a walk-in shower

Whether you have a bath or not, a walk-in shower is always appreciated. Being flexible with the designs, the walk-in shower gives freedom to arrange the things just the way you want.

​Make it modular

Modular showers are one of the most preferred choices here because of the cleanliness they offer. Easy to install, these prefabricated shower units come in the form of sealed unit with a white gel coat.

​Fill the bath before you add the sealant

If you have opted for a built-in bath, make sure you have sealed it properly. Before you start doing so, ensure the surface is dry and clean and free of all the dust and debris.

When it comes to the bathroom of the house, keep these points in mind for a better result and keep browsing for more ideas.

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