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13 ideas that can make a small house look modern and stylish

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Modern decor style is ideal for decorating both small and large spaces as it focuses on clean lines and neutral color palette for relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Modern style of decor also gives priority to natural light and local elements to create an integrated environment that is easily sustainable by the house-owner.

This style is perfectly suited to a small house with limited space wherein one cannot fit in expensive furniture or heavy decorations. Here are 13 modern decor styles to give small homes both stylish finish and welcoming interiors.

1. Open floor design in a modern house

Even though living and dining spaces have been combined together in a small region the layout's simplicity and use of pleasing colors instills a sense of order. Integration of trendy drop down lamps in the dining area with recessed lighting in the living room keeps the area bright even though it is in the corner. Floating shelf with storage has created an ideal place to keep television and other essential tools required in the living room.

2. Monochrome color palette

Use of monochrome tones and natural earthy colors is a common trend in modern decor as is evident in this modern living room with wooden floor laid out with natural fiber floor rug. The book case fashioned out of plain planks of wood and steel bars is starkly simple but trendy and unusual that has helped create a cozy reading corner in combination with the plain chair before it. Combination of grey and white background with furniture and furnishings in same color palette manages to convey elegance.

3. Pieces of art

While most interior designers prefer to use neutral color tones in a small house to create an aura of vastness, here splashes of bright yellow have been used to bring an element of surprise into the decor and perk up the mood. Touches of yellow in the wall painting, and in kitchen elements too creates a sense of ease and harmony as one room flows into another. Keeping mirrors and glass doors helps to bring in light and reflect it across the room making it look fresh and full of life.

4. Magic of vibrant colors

Who would know that a book shelf with colorful book covers would add a bright spot to a large white and grey room like this? The modern living room with simple sofa and monochrome floor mat has come alive against cheerful yellow armchair and similar toned flowers on the tea table. Though grey adds elegance to the atmosphere, adding a touch of color always perks the mood.

5. Bring the outside—In!

Even with a vibrant paiting in red against the grey wall in this elegantly designed hall, the main area of focus is the large picture window that gives a breathtaking view of surrounding countryside from the vantage point. Earth toned leather sofas form a fine partnership with white dining chairs around the black table.

6. Stylish hall

Just because the region is a hall that few guests notice it while passing through it should not be neglected as it can be also be used to showcase fine taste in materials and colors as shown here. Discreet wooden shelves serve as shoe rack while plant and other ornaments add character to the region.

7. Breathtaking indoor garden

Weather they are indoors or outdoors, gardens have an artful way of creating a soothing environment with greenery that is impossible to dispute. The empty corner of a long corridor has been given a stylish twist with this thoughtfully crafted garden that has a floor created of stone chips. The striking red wall with cleverly spaced lights across its surface is sure to impress guests.

8. Modern kitchen

Neutral tones like beige, grey and cream may seem dull and boring to most people but few realize that these colors create the feeling of expansiveness and harmony in a small and closeted room. In this narrow kitchen that has a breakfast bar which performs multiple duties as a work station and a regular drinks bar, lighting plays a major role in making the region a pleasure to work in at all times. The long window brings in natural light and perks up cook's mood with show of greenery outside while dishing up meals. Dash of bright red and touches of pale yellow against grey dissolve bring depth and harmony into this modern kitchen which is the perfect example of understated elegance. 

9. A green and cool balcony

Balconies and terraces are like extensions of the house providing extra space for owners to connect with nature and
neighbors across personal spaces. While house plants with flowers and foliage showcase your green thumb and create a soothing atmosphere for relaxation. By decorating these areas with chairs, tables, barbecue stands and greenery like the one here you can have a private nook that will bring pleasure to the family and guests who will certainly appreciate the lush greenery and aesthetic decor.

10. Grey and cozy bedroom

A simple and austere bedroom with minimalist decor gets a trendy facelift when the blinds are lifted away and view from the French window is thrown open to the room's occupants. Earthy wooden floor and plain brick wall may bring rustic environment to the bedroom but the slim, drop down lights make the decor rise several notches above ordinary.

11. Super slim bathroom

Improvement in imaging technology and modern materials has made it easy for bathroom designers to make even the smallest bathrooms feel spacious. Extensive use of tiles, glass, natural stone and water resistant materials now help to install latest gadgets in the bathroom without use of extensive masonry. In this bathroom the use of colorful tiles in varied designs and patterns but in perfect geometrical harmony with each other helps to improve the ambience of the narrow region.

12. Dividers turn connectors

Combining different kinds of materials is an innovative way to differentiate environments in the house across an open floor plan. Here laminated counter of the kitchen that extends as a breakfast bar forms a subtle partnership with the  wooden dining table placed perpendicularly to it. Both these sections may be in the same hall as the living room but the ambience is vastly different as the both dining and kitchen section have plain wooden floor while living area is neatly carpeted.

13. Where murals become windows

Rooms that are used for entertainment and treating guests feel enclosed and claustrophobic if they lack windows. Under these circumstances setting up an interesting mural as this is a smart idea as it creates illusion of open spaces. The ancient looking paper lamps and cozy fireplace with logs stacked besides the fire makes the living room feel like an ideal place for long chats and relaxation. Selecting murals that blend with the furniture, background and decor of the house like the one here combine rustic and modern elements in a trendy manner.

By now you know how easy it is to decorate a home in modern  style so why not explore this House with Modern Decor and Stunning colors for inspiration.

Which idea do you think is best suited for your home? Do let us know in your comments below.
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