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​Sizzling fire pits for your exteriors

Stealth Boat Fire Table - Southampton Rivelin Garden Fire pits & barbecues
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A fire pit is a luxurious outdoor accessory that has recently gained a lot of popularity. They are perfect for use in garden, terrace or even patio areas during the cold winter months. A fire pit not only imparts a cosy effect, but also imbibes a warm and family atmosphere around it. They are available in a variety of designs which differ in shapes, sizes and utilities.  Let’s take you around few such designs that provide deeper insights on this fabulous garden accessory.

Bring them together!

Stealth Boat Fire Table - Southampton Rivelin Garden Fire pits & barbecues

Stealth Boat Fire Table—Southampton


This cozy fire pit will be a perfect addition to your garden or patio area. The wooden fire pit has wooden benches circling around the area that provide a warm place to for interaction with family and friends. The unique design is built in such a way that it provides a comfortable seating place and equal warmth for everyone. This fire pit is a beautiful sight to watch as it deceives an appearance of ashes coming out from the stones.

One man army

A cozy fire pit that is suitable for smaller exteriors like a terrace lounge or outside deck space. This fire pit is created in a portable black metallic stand that is designed in an attractive semi circular way. The main USP of this fire pit lies in the fact that it provides the same warmth and cosiness, like its contemporaries, in a minimalist and simplistic manner. The three legged stand is highly elegant and can be moved at any corner according to the wind direction.

Portable barbecue and fireplace

This is a portable fire pit which runs on wheels. It can be placed and adjusted in the area of your choice. A highly versatile device, this can be even used for baking delicious pizzas. The creative placement of stands underneath, helps you to make an easy place for condiments and dishes. It is extremely lightweight and can be easily maneuvered in garden or patio or even on the terrace.


An eclectic design, this fire pit is an exquisite combination of wood and metal that have been crafted with such ingenuity. From a distance, this stunning fire pit gives you an appearance of a fireball resting proudly in your garden making it visually pleasing and highly intriguing. If you are lucky enough to have large gardens, we recommend using a few of them around the corners for creating a spectacular sight.

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In the bottle!

Bold and creative, this fire pit is different from the above as it is made in an elongated vertical manner. It is indeed a stellar addition to the graciously green surroundings that together with the cane bamboo furniture create a beautiful effect. Amidst the different nuances of green, your focus is immediately directed towards this tall fire pit that releases its warmth from the top and slowly makes the air warm and cosy. It is apt for people who like to enjoy fire from a safe distance.

The hut design

Cute, stylish and captivating, this fire pit is designed in a hut shape that is centrally placed in your sprawling garden. A beautiful exemplification of stone and brickwork can be witnessed in this subtly created design that also provides a warm place to enjoy a great meal on chilly winter afternoons. Imagine having a romantic lunch here with your partner; a wonderful sight indeed!

Stone age

This title is assigned to bring into light the exquisite stone and metal design that formulates this fire pit. The grey stones create a cozy area full of earthiness and warmth. The bamboo furniture and colourful planters further draw you closer to nature. What is absolutely attractive about this sight is the innovative use of plain and simple stones to create a highly organic and attractive pattern.

Three in one

Are you worried about maintaining warmth in a large gathering during the chilly months of December or January? This huge fire pit design by Wirth & Schmid AG is here at your rescue. It is a combination of three different fire pits that collectively work to produce heat and warmth. This unique design gives you the luxury of using one fire pit or all three of them simultaneously according to your needs and requirements. It looks absolutely stylish and elegant when placed against the grey stone wall and grey furniture. We hope these ideas inspired you to make fire pit a part of your home décor too. For more exterior accessories and designs, browse through homify.

Which fire pit design did you find the most feasible? Let us know in the comments below. 
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