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8 Colours That will bring a Fresh Change your Home

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Several studies show that the colors on the walls and house decoration influence and impact on our mood. A color can increase positive energy, creativity, promote good rest, raise self - esteem and promote harmony. The book Psychology of colour,  how colors act on feelings and reason  provides interesting insights for those who want to pursue the subject material.

Here are some colours for your specific moods in each room in the house :) 

1. Salmon and pink, suitable for the bedroom

Especially for couples bedrooms, colours derived from orange, like salmon and peach create a climate of fraternal harmony, unity and understanding. Meanwhile, bring pink sensuality while relaxed atmosphere.

2. The Yellow living room for optimism and warmth

Yellow and orange tones are typical of joy and optimism, so you will use it if you want a space of quiet recreation in the living room. 

3. Orange for the Dining Room

Orange is associated to success and wealth, so it is more than adequate to beautify kitchens and dining rooms. It is one of the favorite colors of the Buddhist tradition, which is often seen in costumes and temples practitioners.

4. White Hall

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Bloominville Storage Unit

House Envy

White always look good, combines with everything, and  illuminate your space. It is a good resource to use white in the hall because it will give an effect of spaciousness to a room that is usually small.

5. Blue bath

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NEAR Architecture, San Paolo, Rome

Paolo Fusco Photo

For most people, the combined white with blue bath conveys sympathy and happiness. Blue is a cool color, which can however be more than adequate for this room, where it will join a white own harmony. In addition, blue is water for feng shui, associating what must flow.

6. Kitchen in green

Green is life, is nature, is what renews and grows. Hope is green. In turn, the studies say that green is the color that gives greater relaxation view level. The green in the kitchen conveys freshness and cleanliness. Green brings a balance that improves concentration.

7. The benefits of violet

It is ideal for bedrooms. Violet is one of the magical colors par excellence. It is the color of creativity and enlightenment. The complementary color is orange. In turn, lavender violet in its version is suitable as a relaxant and stress reliever.

8. Grey for the study or office

A gray wall can give much elegance to your workspace. Anyway, always a red, blue or yellow detail contrast and life is needed. 

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