10 Beautiful home entrance ideas

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The entrance of your house sets the tone of your interiors, and it is also the first impressions your guests get.

Most people like to go with beautiful plants and greenery around their entrance, but that very simple-looking idea has many complicated decisions inside it – What kind of flowers should you use? What kind of elements would go with those flowers? What kind of lighting fixtures should be placed?

If you too have had questions like these in your head for too long, we are here to resolve them all with inspirations from 10 beautiful home entrances.

​1. Internal and embossed wall

This very simple and amazing entrance is perfect for people who don’t want too much maintenance around their house. The designers of this house have used a glossy texture with matching tiles and planters on the side. You can choose to go for real or fake plants here.

​2. Blossoming flowers

Who doesn’t love blooming flowers right when they are entering a house? Pick out some colorful ones, plant them in your garden and watch them grow. This house’s white color scheme provides the perfect canvas for the pink flowers.

​3. Wood Planters

This house has a big wooden panel build to guard the entry and in front of it are the planters to make the entire area seem more lively and green.

​4. Completely Zen

If you are a more minimalist person, and you like to keep things as simple as possible then go for a low-maintenance idea like this. Stones have been used on the ground and on the panel to give the whole area a more rustic feel. The wood pathway and bamboo sticks in a cement background provide a strong, good-looking, and almost no-maintenance entrance.

5. Concrete water fountain

If you have got the area for a water fountain, then we strongly recommend going for it. Add a touch of freshness by adding green plants to it.

But this idea does require a lot of maintenance since stale water can attract insects and mosquitos to the area. We recommend using it only for cities where the humidity isn’t an issue.

​6. Minimalist

Keep things straight-up simple with an entrance like this. The entrance path here has been paved and divided from the garden with stone steps. This ensures that none of your guests have a problem getting in even in rainfall.

​7. Textured and illuminated walls

Go grand with a textured entrance falls, and add planters and light fixtures to make your home’s entrance illuminate during the night.

​8. Stone staircase

Go the rustic way by adding a stone staircase to your home’s entrance. After all, wood and cement are just too common. Make sure you clean the staircase on a regular basis if it rains too much in your area because the stones can attract fungi.

​9. Simple and Harmonious

This is the perfect example of a simple and well-lit entrance which looks so utterly perfect that there isn’t one element that you would want to change.

​10. Vegetation and stone wall

Add a stone wall to your entrance to define access to the house. You can choose to add vegetation of your choice around the whole area. We also recommend using pottery ornaments to decorate the entrance

​Extra Tip: Embrace the greenery

If you really love greenery around your house, then give it all you have got to make the perfect garden in front of your home’s entrance. Yes, it will be a lot of effort in the starting, but in the end, it will be all worth it.

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Which one of these ideas inspired you the most?

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