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A Beautiful and Furnished Apartment for the Indian Family

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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A dilemma that we often face while decorating our Indian apartment is to whether go for modern tones or stick to our rich Indian culture and traditions. Yes, adding glass and steel to the décor does make it look amazing, but so does traditional lamps and wood carvings.

So, why take a side when both traditional and modern décor look so amazing? You can effortlessly incorporate both of them into your house.

Here is how the designers of another Indian apartment found their way through the big dilemma:

​A romantic vibe

One look at the house and you know it's been around for a long time. The windows and the wooden panelling at the bottom have a rather old pattern which was seen mostly in the 80’s and 90’s.

And of course, there is the brick wall which still stands tall. While unpainted brick walls were just seen as un-sophisticated back in the day, now they have become a part of modern décor with the younger generation and hipsters happily opting it.

Overview of the plan

The overview of the house clearly shows how the living room, kitchen and the dining room are a part of an open floor plan, making the house look bigger and charming. Apart from that, the house also has three bedrooms and a bathroom. Overall, the general atmosphere of the house is charming and beautiful.

​Kitchen and dining room

As we move towards the kitchen and dining area, we notice that the entire area is very spacious and well-lit, all thanks to the four big windows on the side.

Just like the bedroom, two of the four walls aren’t painted or done in any way, instead they showcase the grandeur of brick walls.

But the focus of this entire area is the minimalistic and beautiful black wood cabinet and top, which goes from one end of the kitchen to the other. A workstation has also been very smartly incorporated in the kitchen are.

​Living room

From the kitchen, we head directly to the living room where the elegance through furnishings is absolutely undisputable. The neutral shades combine almost effortlessly with the different construction materials around the house.

While the roof, walls and windows remind us of the years past, the modern sofa, glass centre and TV unit, tell a whole another story.

​Old world wood details

The house’s fixtures are not replaced, they are restored, and the same goes for the tiling of this house, which instantly makes you remember all those old European movies. It feels as if the living room has been a witness of the past.

The wood details are astonishing right from the mirror frames to the old-world latches on the door.

A charming nursery

The nursery furniture has been carefully chosen to match the décor of the rest of the house. While most of the room is painted in white, the pink rug and cushions give the room a much need splash of colour.


The bathroom might look small, but it is certainly well-organized. There are cream coloured tiles all over the walls, and they completely compliment the wooden furniture and cabinets. The decorative details are very carefully added with the tiles above and below the basin.

A look outside

Of course a charming and perfect project like this could not forget the exterior. This is a private sitting room ideal for reading your favourite book and enjoying a relaxing Sunday. The coloured glass on the door give it the most fitting traditional vibes, reminding us of the old Rajasthani décor.

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