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Colonial furniture ideas for Indian homes

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Colonial furniture is a combination of styles introduced during reign of Queen Anne, William and Mary and famous furniture makers Chippendale. The colonial style was influenced by designs from locations wherever British colonies existed so furniture pieces have neutral base signifying British temperament and are inlaid with elegantly carved textures, patterns and designs inspired by beautiful locations of Africa, Asia and America. Furniture of this era have graceful structures with intricate carvings and elaborate patterned upholstery and expensive finishes that enhances their luxurious appearance. Here are some fine examples of colonial style furniture that can add beauty and sophistication to your home. 

Colonial bed for princely dreams

This beautiful ornate bed made of walnut and intricate carving is perfection in itself and its attractiveness is enhanced by white cushioned headrest in sharp contrast to the darkness of wood. The elegant side table with jutting out cabriole leg is carved like an animal’s paw which was typical of furniture made around that time as it did not require under bracing as jutting out leg provided necessary balance. Carved feet of the bed are styled in rounded bun type instead of claw form to maintain balance and its headrest has unique floral design carved into the walnut wood. Design of this colonial bed is timeless and can be used in any era to give a touch of vintage to the room.

Elegant home office

If we all are given furniture like this to work at home then who would like to work at office? Decorated with rich colors of orange, yellow and white this classy furniture makes users feel like royalty. While the hand craved chairs are upholstered in royal blue silk the work table has got traditional animal claw feet. Glass topped work table has a lovely rim with tiny white button design that looks as if small pearls are attached to the table.

Elegant walnut computer table

Inspired by Mayan design this masculine work table made out of walnut wood by Bonsoni has been created to store a wide variety of things that may be required during study at the computer table. The centre drawer has enough depth to hold the keyboard and mouse while the side tables can keep books and other paraphernalia. Its structure has been created in colonial style with strong straight legs and wide metal handles. Besides the LED monitor the table is wide enough to hold a portable table lamp and pen/pencil holder.

Window seat of luxury

Bay windows with ceiling to floor length windows were common in colonial houses to let in cool breeze in tropical areas where summers were considered unbearable for Europeans. Stained glass on the windows would keep out direct sunlight and window seats would be perfect places for resting in the evenings. This semi-circular wooden window seat with carved handles in floral design is perfect to cover the empty bay window area. Light chiffon curtains add to the brilliance of carvings in between the windows while soft cushions of same colour add to the comfort of people leaning back on them.

Mirror mirror on the table

White and curved legged furniture pieces are the trademark of colonial era which were specially created to give balance and strength to the furniture. This elegant dressing table designed under French influence is handcrafted to perfection with two drawers in either side to store makeup essentials. Instead of fixing the mirror directly to the table it has been fitted in an ornately carved frame and then fitted unto the table to display an aura of charm and elegance. Pretty white cushioned chair before it has knitted rattan back and curved legs  to make a unique partnership with the table.

Delightful wooden kitchen

Back in the colonial days wood was not at a premium like it is today and most kitchens were designed out of wood, metal and stone. Here too the same combination has been made with shelves, cabinets, and drawers made out wood with elegant carved brass handles and drawer pulls shaped like animal faces. The only touch of modern architecture in this kitchen is the electrical gadgets that were not part of kitchens a couple of centuries ago. Both the sink and counter are made of out of stone and the brass tap on island sink has the quirky shape of a hand pump that was common in colonial kitchens due to lack of running water.

Lavishly designed wooden table

Strong legs designed like stone columns support the heavy oak rectangular dining table polished to perfection. The table is surrounded by simple high backed chairs with rattan mesh and horseshoe shaped seats made from jute and natural fabrics like typical colonial chairs. The table and chair have been made out of same oak  wood to retain symmetry and the chairs have simple varnish to hightlight the fine grains in the wood.

Lavish decorative living room

This lavish Chesterfield sofa set is enough to make the living glow with class and luxury even without backdrop of lacy draperies. The rich leather sofa in deep tones is paired with vintage side tables and elegantly carved center table with claw foot. Walnut sofas with intricately carved handles and floral designs on the rear rim enhance the luxurious look of the room.

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