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22 Photos of Modern Indian Homes for You

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Modern dining room by Lider Interiores Modern
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Whether you are bored with the existing home style or just want to restore the fun, we have the best suggestions for you. Living room, dining area, kitchen, or master bedroom, these 22 ideas will inspire you to change the decor of your house.

​Rustic Style Kitchen

Here we have a rustic style kitchen where bricks act as the protagonist along with stainless steel. Union of these two elements gives this house an innovative and attractive look.

​Prints all over

The focal point of this room is the cherry red sofa adorned with corner lights. To compliment the setting a single printed couch is placed in the corner.

​Sconce light

Sconce lights are a great selection for indoor as well as outdoor decor. Light falling on the wooden wall is the center of attraction here and for more brightness, a statement light fixture is added.

​Textured Walls

It’s a textured wall illuminated by sconce lights and if we look for another ruling element, then it’s surely the colorful furniture.

​Elegant setting

Sophistication can be seen in every corner of this house, whether it’s the chair or the flower vase. Just the right furniture and your room will narrate a story of elegance.

Dining area

Undoubtedly, it is the light which is gaining all the attention in this dining area. Any dinner would be a grand affair in this royal setting.

​Earthy Tones

Most interesting thing about this room is the earthy tones surrounding it. And, the other characterizing features are the carpet, furniture, and decorative baskets.

​3D textures

An unforgettable piece of art can be seen on the wall of this living room and it’s surely adding to the aesthetic value of the room.

​Dine together

A place automatically becomes beautiful when you have such a nice dinner table to dine in.

​Integrating furniture

The dining room of the house has everything that can make your dinner the best part of the day. Beside the huge dining table, it’s the subtle color of the furniture that makes the place a true delight.

​Strong wall

Choose a strong color for the wall and raise the ideal contrast with vibrant furniture. Here, the designers have placed orange color cabinets in front of textured wall and the result is visual.

​Mirrors and curtain

For those who are blessed with a big space, right selection of curtains and mirrors can act as the icing on the cake.

​Different Styles

Each piece of this room has a different story to tell, but this doesn’t hinder the functionality of the space.

​Sofa Set

For transforming the look of this room, you need just one strong element and here it is a sofa.

​Gourmet style

Make your kitchen special by opting for a gourmet style, just like this kitchen.

​Cozy Feel

Different materials like wood and stained glass have granted a comfy ambiance to the kitchen, making it an ideal place for cooking.

​Bringing the nature inside

To bring in the natural charm, designers of this kitchen have opted for small hanging pots and the result is incredibly good.

​Watch the TV

With a TV placed in the corner, this kitchen is perfect to enjoy cooking while watching your favorite show.

​Geometric shapes

A more modern kitchen with varying geometrical shapes can create all the difference and this is the perfect example.

​Blue color

The blue shaded table in blue color is giving a special touch to this kitchen, in fact, we can call it the focal point of the space.

​Pendant Light

A signature light source can add dazzling charm in your room and this space is the perfect example for this.

​Geometric shapes

The block shaped cabinet is the focal point of this house and we wanted nothing more to add a twist here.

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