​A stellar farmhouse in Dahanu, Maharashtra

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Let’s take you on a tour of a stellar farmhouse built in a massive area of 2500 sq. ft. in the quiet neighbourhood of Dahanu, Maharashtra. Designed in an existing chikoo farm by smstudio, this architectural wonder is equipped with extrovert public areas and enclosed private areas to cater to the needs of all who wish to relax and rejuvenate during weekends. The extensive use of green technology in designing the house is worth a mention.

Entrance porch

The entrance of the house is a raised platform that directly takes you to the master bedroom on one side and the swimming pool on the other. A connecting walkway is made with grey concrete that not only lends a beautiful sight, but also makes a rustic place to sit and indulge in social banters. It also provides you a beautiful view of the gracious green trees and fresh smell of unripe chikoos.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is flanked by a black stone that, with the help of glass windows, projects from the outdoors to indoors and further makes the platform for the bed. It is designed on a minimalist approach and is intentionally made low rise to maintain the special affinity with the ground. The lighting of this room is kept very subtle for generating a warm and cozy aura.

Lounging area

The living room here comes with a twist. It is not equipped with any high end furniture or a majestic dining table. Instead comes with a raised wooden platform that serves as the lounging area. This area is well crafted with glossy wooden flooring that keeps it highlighted against the dull grey floor. An intricate fleet of stairs emerge from the side of the lounge area that take you to the den.

Open kitchen

An open kitchen is built opposite to the lounging area. It is a single cook top place that overlooks the pool on one side. An additional stone counter is built between the lounging area and the kitchen. It serves as the serving or breakfast counter for the whole family. The open design of the kitchen and togetherness with the lounging area and the living room will always keep you in the play even when you are cooking.

Wooden interiors

The floating steps take you to the upper level of this house. This level has been converted into a cozy library or study area where you can enjoy reading books or checking emails. This place also serves as a solitary escape from the public and helps you self introspection and self develop.

Swimming pool

Just like any other holiday spot, a farm house would have been incomplete without a swimming pool. The designers at SM studios have cleverly built an impressive swimming pool at the very entrance of this house, which ensures a delighted and excited customer. It is designed in such a manner that it gets unhindered view both from the kitchen and the master bedroom. It is indeed a fun way to relax and spend time with friends and family. 

This beautiful compound is such a fascinating work of art that it will make you forget all your worries and tensions. Here's another ideabook highlighting the use of wood and stone to decorate your house : Wood and stone- A wonderful combination! 

Did you like the green technology behind the designing of this house? Let us know in the comments below. 

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