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Situated on the banks of river Kham and Saraswati, Indore is the largest and most vibrant city of Madhya Pradesh, which is in the heart of India. Steeped in a history full of magnificent rulers, Indore today is known for its crafts, wares and zari work on clothes. The bazaars in Indore with their narrow lanes have a old world charm of their own. The Nemi Villa in Indore showcases a perfect blend of its rich history and opulent crafts.


The front of the villa has a very Victorian feel to it with a grand entrance flagged by columns. A wooden patio outside with wicker furniture provides an area to lounge in. The main door is made of solid wood but has bold carvings on it that set it apart. 

Master bedroom

The big, airy master bedroom is done up in shades of cream and red. There's a big bed, comfortable seating area for two and ceiling to floor windows drapeD in royal red. Light too has been used very innovatively throughout the room.


Upon entering the villa one is welcomed into a circular foyer. Two high backed chairs are placed here for guests to wait. The chairs have circular patterns on it, while an ornate ethnic pattern adorns one of the walls.

Formal living room

The foyer leads up to a formal living room done up in cream and black, which is perfectly suited for meetings and parties. Two contrasting sets of rectangular sofa sets face each other in this huge living room with a double storey ceiling. A grand black piano below the stairs and an opulent chandelier make this room truly lavish.

Informal living room

There's another living room in this villa, albeit an informal one with comfortable cream sofa's and tables and an orange feature wall. The relaxed environment of this room makes it a perfect place for the family to lounge in together.

Dining area

White and black being the primary colours of the villa dominate the dining area as well. A black dining table contrasts with white chairs, cutlery and cabinets. A shiny golden feature wall and a glass door with intricate patterns it bring in some Indian touches to this room. 

White kitchen

The kitchen is predominantly white and huge. State of the art fridge and the silver cooking range and chimney in the middle of this kitchen make it undeniably luxurious.

Walk in closet—Master bedroom

A huge white walk in closet, with open and closed space for clothes, shoes and accessories accompanies the master bedroom. The dressing table is on one side, while a cabinet with a glass top stands in the centre of the room.

Master Bathroom

The master bedroom has an attached bathroom which is done up with black and white marble. Three steps lead up to big bath tub carved right in the centre of the bathroom, flanked by a sink on one side and shelves for toiletries on the other.

Second Bedroom

Another bedroom in this villa has been done up in shades of blue. Unlike the rest of the house, which has Italian marble flooring, this bedroom has wooden flooring. The navy blue bed, funky navy blue wall art, thick rug and colourful LED lights on the wall behind the bed give this bedroom a young boyish feel.

Third bedroom

If the previous bedroom was suited for a boy, this one is definitely cut out for a girl. From the bed, to the rug, to the two chairs, everything is made of bright pink velvet. Floral Japanese style wall paper adds a further feminine touch to this room.

Guest bedroom

The guest bedroom has been done up in shades of cream and gold with a quilted feature wall behind the bed that doubles up as a comfy headboard.

Lounge area

There is also a retro styled lounge area in this villa complete with a pool table. The purple dark furniture and lighting of this room, takes one back to the 80's.

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