Mix and match: combining patterns

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Our personalised interior décor is a reflection of our inner artistic selves—how we creatively express our individuality is often echoed in the way we present our homes and design our domestic spaces. It is however, a consequence of today’s busy and hectic career-oriented schedules, that our homes become merely perfunctory bases for which to sleep, eat, and brace for another frenzied and frenetic day at our workplace. What is easily forgotten is the effect our home spaces have on our ability to possess a clear mind and effectively prepare for busy and mentally challenging work. Consider refreshing or revitalising your home space to create an area with a calming yet buoyant atmosphere that will inject a sense of movement and enjoyments into a cool or dull dwelling. 

Today’s ideabook will look at mixing and matching patterns within the home to create an area pops and excites. Forget simply one print or design within a room, combining multiple prints can allow you to recycle existing pieces of furniture and ornamentation whilst infusing spaces with interest and contrast. Check out the following examples below and learn some simple tips to juxtapose complementary patterns and prints.

Living room mash-up

Caterina Ikat Wing Chair A Rum Fellow Living roomSofas & armchairs
A Rum Fellow

Caterina Ikat Wing Chair

A Rum Fellow

Often it is extremely daunting when considering mixing and matching different patterns or colours within the domestic space—one wrong pairing and the space can feel off-balance and discordant. Avoid a cacophonous mess and spend some time mixing and pairing different pieces together until you are satisfied with the result. If you are thinking of reupholstering furniture, consider taking home some sample fabrics and matching them against existing furnishings. This example of a mid-century re-upholstered chair with lamp shade is a great example of how patterns can complement each other while standing as individual and interesting pieces.

Individual nursery

A nursery or child’s room can be an excellent place to experiment with different fabrics, textiles and patterns—often children are accepting of a little individuality and difference which makes trialling different patterns and colours easy and fun as well. Here we see a bright yellow cot matched with a yellow and grey chevron rug, and whilst the spotted blue wallpaper is different in pattern, it seamlessly adds interest and originality to the space.

Adding flair to a lounge

The lounge room is definitely one of the most commonly used spaces in a home—it is the central gathering room, the hub, and the one place where you want your sleek design skills to shine and be noticed. For this reason you will want to ensure you treat the space carefully and thoughtfully—take this example, the different patterned throw cushions are colour matched while the rug, although another distinctive pattern, still matches and highlights the other striking elements of the area, such as the mottled lampshade and hanging statement lights.

Mix and match lamps

Melodi Horne melodi horne Living roomLighting
melodi horne

Melodi Horne

melodi horne

One excellent way to incorporate a little difference and interest in your domestic space is with the use of accessories—these lampshades are unique in their pattern but the same in their size and shape, a great way to ensure they will look coordinated despite their differing colours and patterns. Choose a couple for a space, match with similar bases and watch your area glow with individuality.

Simple elegance

Cosy Home House Envy Scandinavian style living room
House Envy

Cosy Home

House Envy

Different patterns does not have to mean bright and eclectic. This example shows us another simple way of injecting a little originality into our space without the use of bright or garish patterned items. These chic and sophisticated cushions perfectly match each other while the individual and unique patterns on each one diversify the space, and avoid homogeny and repetitiveness, which can often leave the room feeling too uniform or monotonous.

Choosing your tableware

Perfectly matching crockery is a thing of the past, these days the style is to create a dinner setting which is unique and avoids the repetitiveness that is ubiquitous in older tableware sets. There are very few rules when it comes to selecting a great assortment of tableware, some people choose a general style and mix it up with different colours or patterns, some stick to a broad colour scheme, while others hand-pick each item and form a miscellany of interesting and individual objects. Either way, make a statement in your kitchen or at your next dinner party, ensure you have an assortment of novel and distinctive cups, plates and cutlery, which is sure to get guests admiring your style, and your space energised with imagination.

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