10 Fabulous breakfast bars that add style to the kitchen

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There are endless possibilities when one opts to set up a breakfast bar in the kitchen as it can be used for multiple reasons that play a major role in deciding the size and location. Breakfast bar can designed in varied forms like the extension of kitchen counter or part of a kitchen island depending on space available in the region. Every breakfast bar irrespective of its size, shape and location has to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use.

In this ideabook we present 10 of our most loved breakfast bars for inspiration.

1. Multi-functional bar

A breakfast bar may seem impossible in an open floor design like this but the stylish addition to the counter seems perfect when you see the chairs laid out.  The kitchen may be small with a single wide counter and there is also a round dining table in the corner but the colorful breakfast bar smartly designed to serve several other meals besides breakfast.

2. One for the barbecue

When you have a backyard deck and barbecue area then a trendy breakfast bar as this a smart addition as it can be located close to the cooking region and can serve as a service area and a place to eat. The wooden chairs and table are ideal to spend lazy evenings with friends and family chatting and enjoying good food and wine.

3. The cantilevered bar

Even in a minimalist kitchen as this where the dominant color is white, a simple cantilevered table of wood creates a pretty contrast while serving as a breakfast bar. As it is slightly above the sparkling white kitchen island it can withstand damage from heat and anyone enjoying tea or snacks can chat up with the cook to pass time.

4. Beauty of pure wood

When you want the breakfast bar to work as an extension of the kitchen instead of working as a partner of the counter then this design will suit your purpose perfectly. It would be made of bricks, natural store or even pure wood as shown here. It may have been added as an afterthought but the wooden breakfast bar has  become an integral part of the kitchen with slim metal chairs on both sides.

5. Country style stone bar

This country style kitchen has everything that one would require like an expansive counter and wash area and a spacious island too. Storage cabinetry has been built under every counter so the walls are clean and clutter free allowing free flow of air and light across the kitchen. Breakfast bar also has a storage section built below the stone counter and anyone sitting there can also help the cooking by using the bar as a prep area.

6. An ideal divider

When a home is too small to have separate rooms for kitchen and dining area then an arrangement like this works best, as it makes serving and cooking easy chores. This narrow breakfast bar may be too small for large number of people but is perfect for a small family of two to three members as food can be served directly onto plates fresh off the stove and both adults and children can comfortably sit on the perky yellow stools.

7. Luminous and glowing

If you are determined to incorporate a breakfast bar in the kitchen, space can always be created either during construction or afterwards. The white laminated surface of the cabinets makes the lights glow and turning the room bright and spacious. By keeping the glass chandelier at the end of the breakfast bar is a smart idea as it draws everyone's attention to the lamp from the blank wall.

8. Breakfast bar to suit every style

The elegant and slim breakfast bar turns the L shaped kitchen into a U shaped one in an unobtrusive way while adding more work space. Shapely chairs add class and beauty to the spacious and clutter free kitchen. Laminated surface gives longevity to the breakfast bar that can be used for full fledged meals and quick bites too.

9. Expanding boundaries

The breakfast bar here has been created by merely extending the counter and placing four bar stools in the region for a quick bite. The breakfast bar extends the kitchen by a few meters creating a cozy place for meals for the family while tasty recipes are being dished out on the cooktop.

10. Fusion of colors

r79 Modern kitchen

When you have a kitchen as expansive as this then creating a wide island that can also function as a breakfast bar is an easy option to exercise. Colorful laminated surfaces in complementing shades of red and yellow bring brightness and fun into this breakfast area that is supported by trendy red bar stools.

Whether a kitchen is small or large it depends on the user to make it an ideal workstation that can make Cooking Easier.

Which breakfast bar do you think is best suited for your home? Do let us know in your comments below.

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