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If they say the eyes are the windows to the soul, it may also be said that windows are the eyes through which residents view the world around them. Window coverings are therefore an important part in how we view the world. They are also an important part of the design of homes. Whether you have an ultra modern designed home or a traditional home, an apartment or a large house, choices will need to be made about window coverings.  What window coverings are best for what windows and what décor, what coverings are best of privacy and insulation?  Curtains and blinds are the most popular choices for window coverings, but what are the new ideas for decorating windows. How do we incorporate the window coverings into the design of the house. Check out these 6 ideas on how to decorate your windows.

Bright Coloured Blinds

Bloc Blinds Bloc Blinds
Bloc Blinds

Bloc Blinds

Bloc Blinds

Window coverings are a great way to bring a splash of colour to a room. Whether it is blinds, shutters or curtains in prints, bright colours or floral, the inclusion of a blind can make a bold statement in any room. Bathrooms are a good example of this. Bathrooms are often decorated in neutral colours, with black and white a popular theme. By including a colourful window covering it can bring a new dimension to the room. Choose a window covering that suits your bathroom design and style. A long translucent curtain is ideal for traditional bathrooms, or a bold pattered blind for the modernbathroom. This bathroom is a good example. The room without the blinds is very plain. By including the colourful, vibrant purple blind it creates an energy and focus to the room. Use this colour as a theme in the room. Add similar coloured towels, shower curtains and objects to create something unique and special.

Vertical Blinds for a View

Choosing the right window coverings for a home can be difficult. Thought has to go into the type of windows to maintain functionality of the window and the design of the rest of the room. What style are the rest of the furnishings?  When the window is situated in an apartment with large floor to ceiling windows and spectacular views it can be difficult. This window has an exquisite view over a sunset city landscape. The views from this window are definitely the point of interest in this room. This is a major consideration when choosing window coverings. Privacy is another consideration. These beautiful vertical blinds seem to satisfy both requirements. The blinds can be pulled back to reveal the beautiful city view or closed to provide complete privacy. They complement the neutral colour scheme giving it an element of warmth and cosiness.

Living Room Shutters

Windows that face north often allow sun from morning to afternoon. This creates lovely warm and inviting rooms. It can, however, present certain problems. The strong sunlight can fade furniture, or overheat a room in summer months. One way to manage the light entering a room is with shutters. These living room shutters are a good example of this. In this room the light is shining brightly through the windows. The shutters provide an excellent way to control the light entering the window. By manipulating the blinds, light entering the room can be managed. Move the shutters to allow the light to be reflected off the ceiling, creating a soft ambient light.  Open the shutters a small amount to allow light into the room, or close totally for complete privacy.

Print Blinds

When choosing window coverings it is often a choice between the practical considerations of privacy and insulation and the aesthetically considerations of design, style and mood. One way to satisfy both of these requirements is to include two types of window coverings. The use of complementary window coverings has gained popularity in recent times. It allows for greater flexibility of uses. This room illustrates this perfectly. These windows include a light white curtain and a bold printed blind.  The blind allows for complete privacy. It may also be used as insulation in cold, windy weather or on hot days. The light white curtains can be used alone to allow soft filtered light into the room. Each of these uses create a different and beautiful mood in the room. The blind creates a cosy, winter retreat, while the light curtain creates a breezy summer afternoon mood.

Beautiful Curtains

Clarke & Clarke - Wild Garden Fabric Collection Curtains Made Simple Country style dining room
Curtains Made Simple

Clarke & Clarke—Wild Garden Fabric Collection

Curtains Made Simple

Window coverings are a great way to connect the indoors with the outdoor areas of a home. Whether you live in a country house, an inner city apartment or a modern penthouse, there are many ways to connect the indoors with the outdoor landscape. Make a connection with colour, motifs or a theme. In this room the garden theme has been continued from the outside garden through to the indoors. The use of green, white, gold and brown runs throughout the tablecloth, indoor plants and cushions. It is however the curtains, reflecting the green and white patterns that is the link between the indoors and outdoor. Don’t be afraid to make bold statements to link indoor spaces with the landscape. Try using bold block patterned curtains and blinds in apartments to link them with an urban environment outside.

Traditional Curtains

There are many options of window coverings available. It can be tempting to make impulsive choices based on the beauty, colour or style of a curtain, blind or shutter. However, it is important to keep in mind the style and design of the house and in particular the room when making decisions about window coverings. For rooms that have a distinctive style, the right choice of window coverings is very important. By choosing a window covering outside the style can create conflicting elements in a room. This room has a definite style. The curtains, furnishings and wall decorations have been chosen carefully to create a traditional, eastern European style to this formal room. The colour of the curtains complements the wall hanging, lamp and cushions perfectly.

Whether you have large, floor to ceiling windows, or smaller traditional windows, the choice of covering is important. Window coverings are both a functional and aesthetic decision. It is important to make a decision that will satisfy the requirements of privacy insulation as well as style, design and mood. When choosing a window covering for a house consider the style and design of the house and the privacy issue of the room. There are so many options available, there is certainly one to suit every window.

Did you get inspired by these ideas? For more inspiration have a look at this idea book on which window is best for your home.

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