Magical Small Space: A Japanese Style House Less Than 38 m2

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Due to urbanization, our living space has shrunk to a little corner and requires more attention than ever for design and architecture. But that is just one side of the coin, when you flip it, you get a wide horizon for creativity and management.

Because, with the rise of technology, you can enjoy the beauty of versatile designs even in small spaces..

Today, we are going to talk about one such home, where compact space couldn’t stop the architects from retaining the charm of a luxury house.

​A typical open-style bungalow

From the appearance of the house, you can hardly guess what surprises lies on the other end.  But, we must say just the rear view of the place can narrate a happy story of this dwelling. The entire space in front is covered with grass bed, leaving just the path area done in white rocks and stone.

With a personal outdoor space, it leaves an incredibly welcoming view for the guests. To connect the interior with the magical exterior, the front part of the wall is constructed out of a glass panel.

​Ceiling Windows

For small houses, the most difficult part is bringing the green charm inside, but here you don’t actually need it. The large field view from the living area has transformed the idea of compact houses.

The dining and living area of this room are arranged without any partition and there is no sign of clutter. Whether it’s dinner time or morning coffee, you can enjoy it all amidst the greenery and rustic furniture. A small deck can also be seen in the outer space of the house and it beautifully holds a plant in it.

​Wall Lighting

When you want soft and good lighting in a room, this is one of the best approaches you can take. This design here is not just giving the appropriate amount of light, but also offering the right aesthetic value to the room.

The sense of openness and coziness is flooded all around and it could not have been defined in a better way than this. As the outer space of this house is green, you are surely going to get a green view from this end.

​Style Simple

To keep the guests cozy inside the home, it has been filled with warmth of earthy materials. Just like the rest of the house, even this portion of the house stores many wooden charms. One great addition we see here is the fireplace which is simple yet interesting. Keeping the fireplace sleek and black, the designers have successfully tried to complement the aesthetic value of the place.

Even if it is not lit up, the warmth can be felt all around. A smart choice it is for a compact house like this.

​The Bathroom area

Despite being a small space, the designers of the house has maintained the exact sense of comfort a washroom should have. There is a glass wall separating both the spaces and on the other side of it is a green plant, rooted on a rock bed.

However, unlike the rest of the house, this corner is completely soaked in pure white shades and it perfectly complements the rock bed next to it.

After going through the architectural perfection of this home, one thing is for sure that you don’t have to worry about your home being small. Take advantage of the rising technology and open up your creative side to enjoy the best of what you have.

So, while you plan the construction or renovation of your home, we will come up with more enchanting ideas.

Which part of this house inspired you the most?

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